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3. Lift Feed Lever (3) up and out from rear. Separate Spring (4) from Cover Assembly (5).

M249 Feed Pawls

6. Apply slight pressure to Cartridge Retaining Pawls (8) and remove Hooked Retaining Pin (9).

Gas Cartridge Collar

|4. Visually inspect Spring (4) for bent or broken legs and replace if damaged.

|5. Visually inspect Feed Lever (3) for burrs and cracks and replace if damaged. If enlargement or

I elongation exists in Pivot Hole (6) replace Feed Lever (3). Visually inspect Channel (7) for distortion, burrs or ripples and if damaged, replace Feed Lever (3).

M240 Feed Pawl Assembly

|7. Visually inspect Pin (9) for bends or breaks. Replace if damaged.

8. Separate Front (10) and Rear (11) Cartridge Retaining Pawls and remove two Springs (12).

Ballasted Track





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