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3. Visually inspect Feed Tray Assembly (4) for burrs, cracks, bends and loose or missing Rivets (5). If damaged, replace Feed Tray Assembly (4).

4. Pivot Cover and Feed Mechanism Assembly (1) to left of Receiver Assembly (6), freeing Torsion Spring (7) from Hole (8). Separate Cover and Feed Mechanism Assembly (1) from Receiver Assembly (6).

M249 Feed Cover Disassembly

5. Remove Retaining Clip (9). Remove Headless Pin (3) and separate Torsion Spring (7) and Catch Cover (7a).

6. Visually inspect Headless Pin (3) for burrs and bends, and replace if damaged.

7. Visually inspect Torsion Spring (7) for broken coils and bent or broken legs. Replace if damaged.

M249 Feed Tray Assembly

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  • Sebhat
    What is the retaining clip in a m249?
    8 years ago

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