Disassemblyinspectionrepair Cont

22. Visually inspect Elevation Knob Assembly (26) for bent or broken shaft and replace if damaged.

|23. Visually inspect Elevator Assembly (27) for bent or broken cross bar. If not damaged, do not remove.

Inspection Sight GlassesMachine Vice Assembly

24. If Elevator Assembly (27) is damaged, place Rear Sight Base (35) on vise with jaws slightly apart. Remove Shaft (36) and discard. Separate Elevator Assembly (27) and replace.

Rear Sight Base Windage Knob Roll Pin

25. Place Rear Sight Base (35) in protective jawed vise. Remove and discard Spring Pin (37) from Windage Knob (38).

Deere 212 Detent Ball Spring


Ball Detent (31), Plunger (32), Detent Spring (33) along with Detent Spring (34) are under spring tension. Wear safety glasses/goggles to prevent potential eye injury.

26. Remove Windage Knob (38) from Machine Screw Shaft (39). Separate and discard the Ball Detent (31), Plunger (32), Detent Spring (33) and Detent Spring (34) from Windage Knob (38).

27. Visually inspect Windage Knob (38) for burrs. Replace if damaged.

28. Unscrew Machine Screw (39) and separate Sight Leaf Assembly (29) from Rear Sight Body (35).

29. Visually inspect Machine Screw (39) for distorted threads or bent shaft. Replace if damaged.

30. Remove Retaining Clip (40) and discard. Separate Washer (41) from Peep Sight (44) and visually inspect for bends. Replace if damaged.

31. Place Sight Leaf Assembly (29) in vise with protective jaws. Remove Spring Pin (42) and discard.

32. Separate Lock Spring (28) from Sight Leaf (43). Visually inspect for bends or broken ends. Replace if damaged.

Ruger Carbine Peep Sight

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