DO NOT disassemble Ejection Port Cover from Receiver Assembly for inspection

2. Reach inside with Combination Tool (3) (item 10, app B) and lift out Grooved, Headless Pin (4) from raised edge inside Receiver Assembly (1). At the same time, pull Grooved, Headless Pin (4) to rear of Receiver Assembly (1). Separate Grooved, Headless Pin (4), Ejection Port Cover (5), and Torsion Spring (6).

Shotgun Diagram InsideM16 Ejection Port Cover Assembly

3. If Torsion Spring (6) cannot keep Ejection Port Cover (5) latched or if legs of Torsion Spring (6) are bent or broken, replace.

4. If Ejection Port Cover (5) is cracked or bent, or Catch (7) is loose, replace.

5. Visually inspect Grooved Headless Pin (4) for bends, breaks or burrs and replace if damaged.

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