If NEW Machine Screw is being installed it must be drilled An alternate method of reassembly can be utilized by performing reassembly steps and prior to installing parts kit

6. If Machine Screw (13) is being replaced, install NEW Detent Spring (14), NEW Detent Spring (15), NEW Plunger (16) and NEW Ball Detent (17) (Parts Kit) into Windage Knob (18).

M249 Firing Positions



7. Position Windage Knob (18) onto Machine Screw (13) and insert .012 in./0.305mm blade of feeler gage between Windage Knob (18) and Rear Sight Base (3). With blade installed and hole of knob in vertical position, clamp in protective jawed vise.

8. Using the hole in Windage Knob (18) as a guide, drill a hole through the NEW Machine Screw (13) using a No. 53 (.0595) drill bit. Remove feeler gage.

9. Position Rear Sight Base (3) in protective jawed vise. Aline holes in Windage Knob (18) and Machine Screw (13). Insert NEW Spring Pin (19) and drive in flush.

10. Start smooth end of NEW Shaft (20) into hole inside of Elevator Assembly (21) (the side marked with the numeral 3).


Grooved end of Shaft (20) is to be embedded into Elevator Assembly (21) and smooth end is to rotate in right, rear hole of Rear Sight Base (3).

Revolver Sight Bases

11. Position Rear Sight Base (3) on flat surface. Position Elevator Assembly (21) into Rear Sight Base (3) (the side marked with the numeral 3 toward the right rear hole). Drive in Shaft (20) flush with outside surface of Rear Sight Base (3).

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