Inspection And Repair

1. Visually inspect front edge of Trigger Assembly (1). If chipped, cracked or broken, replace Trigger Assembly (1).

2. Visually inspect Tripping Lever Spring (2) for broken or bent legs. With trigger mechanism assembly completely assembled, functionally inspect trigger for proper function. If the Trigger Assembly (1) is hard to pull, the Tripping Lever (12) may be worn out. If Tripping Lever Spring (2) is damaged or Tripping Lever (12) is worn out, replace Trigger Assembly (1).

3. Visually inspect Safety (3) for burrs. Replace if burrs cannot be removed or is otherwise damaged.

4. Visually inspect Headless Straight Pin (4) and Grooved in (5) for burrs and bends. Replace if bent or if burrs cannot be removed.

5. Visually inspect Sear (6) for cracked or broken Trigger Tabs (7), and Well Defined Edge (8) for chips, burrs or rounding. Replace if broken or damaged.

6. Visually inspect Sear Spring (9) for broken or bent legs. Replace if damaged.

7. Visually inspect Retaining Spring (10), and replace if broken, or bent.

8. Visually inspect Trigger Housing (11) for cracks or burrs and replace if damaged.

Inspection Trigger


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