When properly assembled, bottom leg of Sear Spring (4) must NOT be between the trigger housing and spring pin.

4. Aline hole of Sear Spring (4) with hole in Trigger Housing (2) and install Grooved Pin (5) with notch to the left.

5. Install Retaining Spring (6) with hook end down in the notch of the Grooved Pin (5).

6. Using small, flat tip screwdriver compress Retaining Spring (6) install Safety (7) in Trigger Housing (2) with red ring end to the left.

7. Pull Trigger (8) to rear to insert Sear (9); hold Sear (9) sideways and insert into Tripping Lever Slot (10) then give 1/4 turn to hold in pIace with Spring Slot (11) down.

8. Aline holes in Sear (9) and Trigger Housing (2) and push in Headless, Straight Pin (12).

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