Prior to disassembly of Front Sight Post count number of threads exposed

5. Using Spanner Wrench (15) unscrew Front Sight Post (16) counterclockwise (CCW) and discard.

M249 Front Sight Spanner Wrench

1. Inspect Compensator (3) for dents, cracks or burrs. Replace if damaged or missing.

2. Inspect Gas Collar (19) of Old Style barrel for bent or missing spring washer and Gas Regulator (20) for burrs. Replace if damaged or missing.

3. Inspect Grip (8) for cracks or breaks. Replace if broken or missing. Inspect Washer (7) and Nut (6) for burrs and replace if damaged or missing.

4. Inspect Collar (11), Handle (9), Spring (12) and Bushing (13) for damage. Replace unserviceable components.

5. Inspect Front Sight Base (21) for looseness or damage. If loose or damaged notify Direct Support Maintenance.

6. Check New Style barrel gas regulator (20) for burrs.

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