Prior to disassembly of Peep Sight count the number of threads exposed on the top of Sight Leaf

33. Unscrew Peep Sight (44) from Sight Leaf (43) and visually inspect for bent shaft, damaged threads, burred thread flats and burrs on Peep Hole (45). Replace Peep Sight (44) if damaged. Visually inspect Sight Leaf (43) for bends, cracks, or broken portions, and replace the entire sight leaf assembly if damaged.

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34. Remove two Screws (46) and two Lock Washers (47). Discard the two Lock Washers (47). Visually inspect Screws (46) for distorted threads and replace if damaged.

35. Separate Windage Scale (48) from Rear Sight Body (35) and visually inspect Windage Scale (48) for bends, breaks, or missing white paint on scale. If damaged, replace with new style scale.

36. Separate Slack Plate (49) (New Style Rear Sight Assembly) from Rear Sight Body (35). Visually inspect Slack Plate (49) (New Style Rear Sight Assembly) for bends, breaks or cracks and replace if damaged.

37. Visually inspect Rear Sight Base (35) for bends, cracks or distorted threads and if damaged, replace the entire rear sight assembly.

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1. Center Slack Plate (1) and Windage Scale (2) on Rear Sight Base (3) and install two NEW Washers (4) and two Screws (5) into Rear Sight Base (3), and tighten securely.


Assure tab of Slack Plate (1) is positioned in hole of Rear Sight Base (3) as illustrated. Tab must not be positioned under the Rear Sight Base (3) since this can cause the rear sight assembly not to fully seat on top of the cover assembly which will not allow the rear sight assembly to be securely fastened with screws and washers.

M249 Leaf Rear Sight

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