M249 Spring Retaining

2. Screw Peep Sight (6) into Sight Leaf (7) until threads on Peep Sight (6) are even with the number of threads exposed before removal. Install Lock Spring (8) onto Sight Leaf (7) and Peep Sight (6). With Lock Spring (8) installed, position in vise with protective jaws and drive in NEW Spring Pin (9) flush.

Gun Vise For SightingPeep Site Installation

3. Install Washer (10) and NEW Retaining Clip (11) on end of Peep Sight (6).

M249 Drive SpringPeep Hole Rear Sight

4. Position Sight Leaf Assembly (12) into Rear Sight Base (3). Install Machine Screw (13) through right side front hole and screw through both Sight Leaf Assembly (12) and left side front hole of Rear Sight Base (3).

5. If Machine Screw (13) is not being replaced, install NEW Detent Spring (14), NEW Detent Spring (15), NEW Plunger (16) and NEW Ball Detent (17) (Parts Kit) into Windage Knob (18) and install Windage Knob (18) onto Machine Screw (13). Drive in NEW Spring Pin (19) flush.

M249 Disassembly

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