M249 Receiver Channel

1. Place NEW Torsion Spring (1) into Barrel Locking Lever (2) with Shorter Leg (7) toward bottom of recess.

2. Insert Alining Pin (3) (fig E-1, app E) through Barrel Locking Lever (2) and Torsion Spring (1), flush with sides, and place this temporary assembly into position on Receiver Assembly (4), with bent leg of Torsion Spring (1) hooked under lip of Receiver Block (5).

3. Install Grooved, Headless Pin (6) into Receiver Assembly (4), from right to left forcing out Alining Pin (3).

Torsion Spring Pistols

4. Start notched end of Grooved, Headless Pin (8) into rear hinge hole of magazine well on Receiver Assembly (4).

5. Place Torsion Spring (9) between hinges of Magazine Cover (10), with left leg of Torsion Spring (9) inside Magazine Cover (10). Push Alining Pin (11) (fig E-2, app E) through hinges of Magazine Cover (10) and Torsion Spring (9), flush.

6. Insert this temporary assembly between hinges of magazine well on Receiver Assembly (4) with other leg of Torsion Spring (9) inside magazine well. Push in Headless, Grooved Pin (8), forcing out Alining Pin (11). Aline notch in Grooved, Headless Pin (8) with space between front hinges and install NEW Retaining Clip (12) into notch of Grooved, Headless Pin (8).

Torsion Spring Used GunsM249 Cocking Asssembly




The new style cocking handle is shorter. The new style handle is to be used with the new style cocking handle stop pin.

7. Place NEW Detent Spring (13) and NEW Detent Plunger (14) into Cocking Handle (15). Aline notch of Detent Plunger (14) with hole in Cocking Handle (15) and drive in NEW Spring Pin (16).

M249 Drive Spring

8. Tilt Cocking Handle (15) down. Place rear Tab (16) into lower rail of Cocking Handle Channel (20) with Cocking Arm (17) to rear of Receiver Block (18). Tilt Cocking Handle (15) up and slide to the rear, engaging front Tabs (19) into upper and lower rails of Cocking Handle Channel (20).

Steps 9 through 12 were deleted.

Upper And Lower Receiver The M249


Reassembly of New Style Cocking Handle Stop Pin appears in steps 13 through 16 below.

CAUTION Tape faces of vise jaws to prevent damage to finish of the Receiver Assembly (4).

13. Position Receiver Assembly (4) on vise with jaws apart (DO NOT clamp Receiver Assembly (4) in vise), and support Cocking Handle Channel (20) of Receiver Assembly (4) under pin holes.

14. Place tabs of new style Cocking Handle Stop (23) into Cocking Handle Channel (20), slide toward the rear, and align both holes of Cocking Handle Channel (20) with slots in new style Cocking Handle Stop (23). Apply a drop of Sealing Compound (21) (item 10, app D) to each hole (upper and lower) in the Cocking Handle Channel (20).

15. Insert two NEW Spring Pins (24) into holes of Cocking Handle Channel (20). Drive in two NEW Spring Pins (24) until equal distance above the Cocking Handle Channel (20) surfaces, top and bottom.

1095 197 7902


M249 Exploded Diagram

16. Using Wiping Rag (item 3, app D), wipe off excess sealant from pin body and allow to cure for one hour minimum, before use (firing).

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