1. Position Catch Cover (1) as shown and Torsion Spring (2) with straight leg toward Cover and Feed Mechanism Assembly (3) in slot (4).

2. Partially insert the end with two notches of Grooved, Headless Pin (5) into left side of Cover and Feed Mechanism Assembly (3) and through ZVfc* Torsion Spring (2) until Middle Notch (6) of Grooved, ^j? Headless Pin (5) alines with Slot (7), and insert Retaining Clip (8).

3. With Cover and Feed Mechanism Assembly (3) in vertical position, guide tang of Torsion Spring (2) into Hole (9) on left side of Receiver Assembly (10) and rotate over top of Receiver Assembly (10).

Machine Gun ReceiversM249 Feed MechanismM249 Receiver

4. Place Feed Tray (11) on Receiver Assembly (10) and slide forward into place. Push Grooved, Headless Pin (5) through Feed Tray (11), Receiver Assembly (10) and Cover and Feed Mechanism Assembly (3), until left notch of Grooved, Headless Pin (5) is secured by Retaining Clip (12).

5. Pivot Hooked Retaining Pin (13) over end (right side) of Grooved, Headless Pin (5).

Firing Pin The M249

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