The cartridge indicator and spring are no longer required If they are found assembled to the cover they must be removed and discarded

9. Visually inspect Front (10) and Rear (11) Cartridge Retaining Pawls for bends, breaks or cracks and replace if damaged. Visually inspect Springs (12) for broken or kinked coils and replace if damaged. If either Spring (12) is broken, kinked or missing, replace both Springs (12).

10. Using small screwdriver, remove Retaining Ring (13) and discard. Separate Feed Pawl Assembly (14) from Feed Pawl Pivot Post (15).

M249 Feed Pawl

11. Visually inspect Feed Pawl Assembly I (14) for distortions, cracks, burrs, or exces-

Isive wear, and replace if damaged. Visually inspect Springs (16) for breaks, kinks, or lost tension. If any Spring (16) is damaged, disassemble by holding onto Feed Pawl Assembly (14), insert flat tip screwdriver between first and second coil of Spring (16) just above the feed pawl assembly base and apply slight pressure upward to remove Spring (16). Remove the other three Springs (16) in the same manner. If any Spring (16) is weak, kinked, broken or missing, replace all four Springs (16).

M240 Exploded

12. Compress Cover Latches (17) and using flat tip screwdriver, pry out Retaining Clip (18). Remove two Cover Latches (17).

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