Statue at Entrance to National Archives Building, Washington, IX C xxiv

A Spring Engine 6

A Catapult for Slinging Stones 7

The Trebuchet 7

The Ballista 8

A Heavy German Crossbow and a Cranequin for Cocking 9

A Crossbow with Magazine Feed 9

An Early Chinese Organ Gun 13

Volley Fir in" Guns Designed bv Leonardo da Vinci 14

Three-Barrel Match Lock. Barrels are Revolved bv Hand 15

James Pucklcs Revolving Gun 18

Seven-Barrel Revolving Flintlock Rifle 19

Barnes Machine Gun. Patented 1856 25

Ripley Machine Gun. Patented 18(51 27

The Colt Revolving Rifle 31

Billinghurst Requa Battery Gun, Cal. .50. Model 1862 35

Ager Machine Gun, Serial No. 2 37

Ager Machine Gun, Cal. .58, without Carriage 38

Claxton Machine Gun, Cal. .09 41

Williams Smooth Bore Machine Gun, Cal. 1.56 12

Vandenberg Volley Gun, Cal. .50. 85-Barrel Model used by the Confederates. .. 13 Vandenberg Volley Gun. A Loading Tool Was Supplied with the Weapon that

Loaded All Chambers Simultaneously 44

Confederate Revolving Cannon 45

Gorgas Machine Gun, Cal. 1.25 46

A Section View Showing the Action of Gatling's First Model Gun 49

A Letter from Richard Gatling to President Lincoln 52

Gatlinu Gun Aboard the USS Alliance 55

Gatling Gun, Model 1883, Ten-Barrel, Cal. .45, with Accles Feed Drum 56

General Custer, Who Left his Catlings Behind When He Met Sitting Bull at

Little Big Horn 58

Catlings at Baiquiri Just Before Starting for the Front i i the Spanish-American

War 59

Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling With His Weapon 61

War Department Letter Attesting Capabilities of Grading Mechanism 62

Montignv Mitrailleuse, a Belgian-Designed Volley Firing Gun 65

Dc Rcffve Mitrailleuse, a 25-Barreled Version as Modified by the French Ordnance Officer 66

The Chassepot Rifle Cartridge that Was Used it: the Mitrailleuse 67

Far well Machine Gun, Cal. .45 (Experimental Model) 69

Hotchkiss 37-mm Revolving Cannon Mounted on Ship's Gunwale 72

Section through Worm Wheel of Hotchkiss Cannon 74

Section through Loading Rack of Ilotchkiss Cannon 74

Section through Drive Shaft of Hotchkiss Cannon 75

Hotchkiss 37-mm Revolving Cannon on Naval Deck Mount 77

Gardner Machine Gun, Model 1879, Cal. .45 80

Section Drawing of Gardner Machine Gun 81

Section Drawing of Gardner Feed Action Showing Method of Indexing Cartridges o O Ct O

for Loading 82

Section of Gardner Bolt Assembly Retracted 84

Section of Gardner Bolt Assembly in Battery 84

Gardner Single Barrel Machine Gun with Cover Open 85

Gardner Machine (inn, Cal. .45. This Weapon Could Be Used Either Water- or

Air-Cooled 86

Robertson Double-Barrel Machine Gun, Cal. .30 87

Lowell Machine Gun on Carriage Mount 90

Lowell Machine Gun with Cover Open and Barrels Depressed for Inspection ... 92

Lowell Machine Gun with Tripod Mount 94

Wilder Machine Gun on Tripod Mount 101

Section Drawing of Wilder Machine Gun 102

Dr. James H. McLean 104

Mvron Coloney 105

Bailey Machine Gun, the First Such Weapon to Use a Belt Feed 107

Bailey Machine Gun Cartridge Belt. A Sketch Made by the Oiliccr Who Tested the Weapon at the Washington Navy Yard, 1876 108

The Mechanism of the Bailey Machine Gun. Sketched During the 1876 Trials . . 109 Xordenfelt Machine Gun, Cal. .45, With (inn Carriage Convertible to Tripod

Mount Ill

Xordenfelt Single-Barrel Machine Gun 112

Xordenfelt Machine Gun, Cal. .45, Five-Barrel Model. Mounted in Top of a

Fighting Ship to Sweep the Decks of the Enemy 115

Taylor Machine Gun 117

Hiram Maxim at the Age of Seventeen 123

Iliram Maxim. Picture Taken Shortly Before His Death in 1915 125

The First Automatic Weapon Patented by Maxim 128

The First Model Maxim Automatic Gun 130

A Drawing of Maxim's Original Machine Gun, Published in Scientific American,

Breech Mechanism of the Improved Maxim Gun 133

A Demonstration (inn and Mount Used bv Maxim. The Wooden Case Was Used j as a Tripod When Firing and to Contain the Gun and Ammunition During

Transportation 1

Hiram S. Maxim Holding the Light Maxim Gun and Mounting 137

Maxim Machine (inn, Model 1895, Cal. .303 143

German Maxim Model 1908 with Sled Mount 145

Russian Maxim Model 1910 on "Sokolov" Wheeled Carriage 116

Maxim Automatic Gun After Firing 15.000 Rounds at an American Trial in 1899 147

British Sergeant Instructing American Troops in France 148

Skoda Machine Gun, Model 1893 150

Section Drawing of Skoda Model 1893 1,52

Skoda Machine Gun, Model 1909 154

Original Repeating Rifle Developed by Jonathan Browning 157

John Moses Browning when 18 Years Old 157

Matthew Sandefur Browning 158

J he First Shop and Anns Fac tory. John and Man Browning are Shown in the Doorway. Left to Right Are Sam, George, John, Matt, and Ed Browning, and

Another Gunsmith 159

John M. Browning at the Height of his Career 160

Browning's First Experimental Model of a Gas-Operated Automatic Firearm 161

Browning's First Gas-Opcrarcd Machine Gun 161

Original Letter From Browning Brothers to Colt's Patent Fire Arms Company.

Colt Machine (inn. Model 1895 164

Section Drawing of Colt Model 1895 165

John M. Browning with the "Browning Peacemaker" 167

Colt Machine Gun, Model 1895, as Modified in 1911 169

Marriner A. Browning, Son of Matthew S. Browning, Firing the Recoil-Operated

Machine (»un, Model 1901 170

Section of Browning Cal. ..SO Recoil-Operated Machine Gun 171

A Drawing From J. M. Browning's Drafting Board. Browning Often Worked from Freehand Sketches Made on Wrapping Paper 172

The Prototype Model ol die B. A. R 173

John M. Browning Examining One of His Automatic Machine Rifles in 1918

with Mr. Burton, One of Winchester's Experts 174

A Sec lionali/ed B. A. R., Cal. 7.92 mm, of Polish Manufacture 175

B. A. R., Cal. .30. as Standardized lor LT. S. Service, Serial Number 5 176

Browning Machine Gun, Model 1917, Cal. .30.. as Introduced to the Service in

World War I 177

Westinghouse Production of Model 1917 Cal. .30 Browning Machine Guns 178 Lt. Val A. Browning, Son of John M. Browning, in Fiance Instructing Troops in the Use of the Browning Mac hine Gun. Cal. .30 179

John M. Browning with I lis Cal. .30 Mac hine Gun 180

A Demonstration of the B. A. R. in 1918 181

Gen. John J. Pershing, Whose Specifications Resulted in the Cal. .50 Machine Gun 182 A Rare Photograph of John M. Browning's Work Shop with an Early Model

Cal. .50 Machine Gun 183

John M. Browning Firing His Cal. .50 Machine Gun in Coil's Pasture 184

Products of John M. Browning's Genius 185

Laurence V. Benêt Firing the First Model Ilotchkiss Machine Gun 188

Components ol Ilotchkiss First Model Gun 189

Section Drawing of Hotchkiss Machine Gun, Model 1897 190

Hotchkiss Machine Gun, Model 1897 192

Ilotc hkiss Mac hine Gun, Model 1903, the First Hotchkiss Gun to Use a Belt Feed 193

St. Etienne Machine Gun, Model 1907 195

St. Etienne Machine Gun. Model 1907. 8-mm, Sectional ized 196

Benét-Mercié Mac hine Rifle, Model 1909. This Weapon Manufactured by Coll s

Paient Fire Anns Company is Serial Number "O" 197

Components of the Benét-Mercié Model 1909 198

Section Drawing ol the Benét-Mercié Model 1909 199

Function Firing the Hotchkiss Model 1914 in France 200

Ilotc hkiss Mac hine Gun. Model 1914, 8 mm 201

Hotchkiss Balloon Gun, Cal. .472 202

Nordenfelt Machine Gun, Model 1897, with Mount Folded for Carrying 204

Components of the Nordenfelt Machine Gun 205

Nordenfelt Machine Gun, Model 1897, with Mount Folded for Carrying 206

De Knight Automatic Machine Gun, Cal. .80, Manufactured by Pratt and

Whitney 207

Madsen Machine Gun, Model 1903, Being Demonstrated by Ft. Srhouboe 209

Madsen Machine Gun, Model 1903. Photographed During United States Trials. . 211 Action of the Madsen. (A) Loaded, Locked, and Ready to Fire. (B) After Firing, Bolt Pivots Up to Eject Cartridge. (C) Bolt Pivots Down for Loading. (D) Loaded, Locked, and Ready to Fire. (E) and (F) The Action of the Loading

Arm 212

Madsen Machine Gun, Model 1911, 8 mm 213

Theodor Bcrgmann Firing the First Model Bcrgmann Machine Gun 214

Nergmann Machine Gun, Model 1910 215

Dreyse Machine Gun, Model 1912 217

Section Drawing of Bergmann Machine Gun 218

Section Drawing of Dreyse Machine Gun 218

Perino Machine Gun, 6.5 mm 221

Perino Machino (¿un with Right Side Hinged Down to Expose the Mechanism . . 222

Carr Machine Gun 225

Target Made bv Carr Gun in 1901 Trials 226

Schwarzlose Machine Gun, Model 1907/1912 229

Action of the Schwarzlose Gun 230

Schwarzlose Machine Gun, 8 mm 231

Samuel M. McClean Demonstrating His 37-mm Automatic Cannon 233

McClean Machine Gun, Cal. .30, Being Fired by the Inventor 234

McClean Machine Gun ' 235

McClean Machine Gun with Feed Drum 236

Chauchat Machine Rifle, Model 1915, 8 mm 238

Section Drawing of Chauchat Model 1918, Cal. .30 239

American Troops Training with the Chauchat Machine RiHc 210

The Chauchat in Action with American Troops 241

Berthier Machine Gun, Model 1911 243

Components of the Berthier Machine Gun 214

Berthier Machine Gun, Water-Cooled 246

Air-Cooled Berthier Machine Gun Tested by the United States Armv, 1917 247

Locking System Designed by Friberg and Used by Kjellman 24S

Kjellman Heavy Machine Gun 249

Kjellman Light Machine Gun Being Fired by the Inventor 249

Revel 1 i (Fiat) Machine Gun, Model 1914, 6.5 mm 251

Section Drawing of Revelli Mechanism 253

American Troops Receiving Instructions on the Revelli Model 1914 254

Ader's Avion, the First Government-Sponsored Flying Machine 261

The Launching of Langley's Aerodrome, 7 October 1903 262

The First Flight by Man. The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk 17 December 1903 263 One of the Airplanes Used by the Constitucionalistas in Mexico to Bomb Federal

The First. Shot Fired from an Airplane. Glenn Curtiss, Pilot, and Second Lt

Jacob F. Fickel Holding the Rifle 269


The Successful Trial of the Chamblis Catapult at the Washington Navy Yard,

12 November 1912 270

A Curtiss Airplane, the First to Accompany the Army in Maneuvers, Clearing a

Stone Wall 272

Captain Chandler, the First Man to Fire a Machine Gun from the Air, with Lt.

Kirk land. Ilis Pilot, at College Park, Maryland 277

Lewis Machine Gun, Cal. .303. British 278

Section Drawing of Lewis Machine Gun 280

Lewis Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1914, Cal. .303, British 282

A Cartridge Catcher, Designed to Keep Spent Cartridges from Striking the Airman or his Ship when Firing at the Enemy 283

Forward-Firing Lewis Machine Gun Mounted on a Pivoting Bracket so the Magazines Can Be Changed 284

British Troops with Lewis Guns Resting Between Attacks 280

A Device for the Lewis Gun Allowing It to be Fired from the Shoulder with Ease 287

Flexible Lewis Machine Gun Mounted on a Scartt" Ring 288

Lewis Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1914, Cal. .303, Twin-Mounted, French 290 Lewis Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1918, Cal. .30, with 97-Round Magazine and

Muzzle Booster 292

U. S. Marine Training with a Lewis Gun, 1917 294

Lewis Machine Gun, Model 1917, Cal. .30 296

Royalties Returned by Col. Lewis 298

Vickcrs Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1915, Equipped for Synchronizing. Mount is for Purposes of Photographing Only 302

Vickers Machine Gun, Synchronized with Propeller in a Pursuit Plane, World

War 1 303

Vickcrs Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1918, Cal. 11 mm. Manufactured bv Colt's m

Patent Fire Arms Co 304

Vickers Aircraft Machine Gun, Class *F'\ Cal. .303 305

Vickers Machine Gun, Mark C, Cal. .50 306

Vickers Machine Gun, Mark V, Cal. .50 307

Maxim Machine Gun, Model 08/15, 7.92 mm, German 309

Parabellum Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1913, 7.92 mm. This Early Type Used the Water-Cooled Jacket Slotted for Air Cooling 311

Parabellum Aircraft Machine Gun. Model 1913, 7.92 mm, with Refined Barrel

Jacket 313

Maxim Machine (inn. Model '08/15, 7.92 mm. Modified for Svnchronizinff. This

Weapon, Manufactured at the Spandau Arsenal, is Often Called the Spandau

Machine (inn 314

Maxim Machine Gun, Model 08/15, 7.92 mm, Modified for Aircraft installation 316

Carl G. Swebilius 320

Marlin Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1917, Cal. .30 321

Marl in Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1918, Cal. .30 322

Marlin Tank Machine Gun, Model 1918, Cal. .30 324

Marlin Ground Machine Gun, Cal. .30 325

Browning Aircraft Machine Gun Mounted on a Bristol Fighter in England for

First Test of the Browning in the Air 327

Browning Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1918, Ml, Cal. .30 329

lT. S. Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1921, Cal. .30, Fixed 329

L\ S. Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1922, Cal. .30, Fixed. This Weapon Was Designed to Feed from the Left or Right. Side 330

U. S. Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1922, Cal. .30, Flexible. This Weapon Fired

Over 20,000 Rounds in Test and Was Still Serviceable 331

Top: Browning Aircraft Machine Gun, M2, Cal. .30, Fixed. Bottom: Browning

Aircraft Machine Gun, M2, Cal. .30, Flexible (Sectionalized) 332

First Trials of Browning Cal. .50 Machine Gun in Colt's Pasture. Fred Moore

Firing the Weapon and John M. Browning Standing 334

Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1918, Cal. .50. Manufactured by Winchester Arms

Company 335

Top: Aircraft Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2, Fixed. Bottom: Aircraft Machine Gun,

Cal. .50, M2, Fixed (Sectionalizcd) 336

Japanese Copy of the Browning Aircraft Machine Gun, Cal. .50, Type 1911, Fixed 338

Loading Cal. .50 Ammunition on an F6F Aboard the USS Saratoga 339

Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, Water-Cooled. in Action as Anti-Aircraft

Defense 340

"Eight-Gun Nose" Installation for B-25 Aircraft. Each Browning Cal. .50 Is Provided with 400 Rounds of Ammunition for Ground Strafing 341

Firing the Benet-Merciö Machine Gun from a Deperdussin Airplane, 1914 345

Bcnet-Mercie Machine Gun Firing Forward. The Propeller is Protected by a Deflection Plate Originated by R. Garros 346

An Early Front-Gun Spad with False Nose to Accommodate Gunner 347

Benet-Mercie Machine Gun Adapted as an Aircraft Flexible Mount 348

Hotchkiss Aircraft Machine Gun, 13.2 mm 350

Hotchkiss Ground Machine Gun, 13.2 mm 350

Machine Gun, Model 3 (1914), 6.5 mm, Japanese 353

Machine Gun, Model 01 (1941), 7.7 mm, Japanese 354

Revelli (Fiat) Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1914,6.5 mm, Flexible 356

Revelli (Fiat) Machine Gun, Model 1926.6.5 mm 357

Drawing of Fiat Model 1926, 6.5 mm 359

Drawing of Fiat Model 1928, 6.5 mm 359

Fiat Machine Gun, 12.7 mm, Anti-Aircraft 361

Fiat Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1928 A, 7.7 mm 362

Fiat (Revelli) Machine Gun, Model 1935, 8 mm 362

Drey sc Machine Gun, Model 1915, 7.92 mm 364

Bergmann Machine Gun, Model 1915, N. A., 7.92 mm 365

Components of the Bergmann Machine Gun, Model 1915, N. A 367

Machine Gun Model 13, 7.92 mm 368

German Troops Training with the MG-13 369

Villar-Pcrosa Aircraft Machine Gun, 9 mm 371

S. I. A. Aircraft Machine Gun, 6.5 nun, Dual Flexible Mount 376

Section Drawing of S. I. A. Aircraft Machine Gun 377

Gast Aircraft Machine Gun, 7.92 mm 379

Gast Aircraft Machine Gun, 7.92 mm, with Feed Drums Removed 380

Breech Mechanism of Gast Aircraft Machine Gun 382

Gast Aircraft Machine Gun, 7.92 mm. 'Fop View with Feed Drums in Place 383

Darne Aircraft Machine Gun, 7.5 mm. Dual Flexible Mount 384


Darne Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1918, Cal. .303 385

Darne Aircraft Machine Gun, 7.5 mm. This Is a Fixed Gun for Synchronizing . . 387

Darne Machine Gun, Model 1929, 7.5 mm 388

Bcardmorc-Farquhar Aircraft Machine Gun, Cal. .303 390

Beardmore-Farquhar Aircraft Machine Gun, Cal. .303 391

Brixia Machine Gun, 6.5 mm 393

Components of the Brixia Machine Gun, 6.5 mm 394

Brixia Machine Gun, 6.5 mm 395

Mendoza Machine Gun, 7 mm, Right Side 397

Components of the Mendoza Machine Gun 398

Mendoza Machine Gun, 7 mm, Left Side 399

Chatellerault Machine Gun, Model 1923, 7.5 nun. This is a Prototype Gun. Serial

Chatellerault Machine Gun, Model 1924-29, 7.5 mm 402

Components of the Chatellerault Machine Gun 401

Chatellerault Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 1934 -39, 7.5 mm, Fixed 405

Madsen Aircraft Machine Gun, 7.92 mm. Flexible Twin Mount 407

Madsen Machine Gun, Model 1926, 7 mm, Water Cooled 408

Madsen Tank Machine Gun, 7.5 mm 409

Receiver, Grip and Feed of B. S. A. Aircraft Machine Gun, Cal. .50 114

Breda Machine Gun, Model 1924, 6.5 mm. The Operator is Loading the Weapon 416

Components of the Breda Machinc Gun, Model 1924 417

Breda Machine Gun, 6.5 mm, Showing Ease of Barrel Change 418

Breda Machine Gun, Model 1930, 6.5 mm 119

Breda Machinc Gun, Model 1931, 13.2 mm 420

Breda Machine Gun, Model 1937, 8 mm 421

Breda Machinc Gun, Model 1938, 8 mm 421

Components of the Breda Machine Gun, Model 1938, 8 mm 422

Breda Aircraft Machine Gun, 12.7 mm 423

Furrer Machine Gun and Components, Model 1925, 7.5 mm 426

Drawing of Furrer Machine Gun Action 127

Furrer Machine Gun, Model 1925, 7.5 mm, Left Side 428

ZB Machine Gun, Model 1925, 7.92 mm 429

Section Drawing of the ZB Machine Gun 430

ZB Machine Gun, Model 1926, 7.92 mm 431

Brcn Machine Gun, 7.92 mm. A Czech Weapon Adopted by the British and

Manufactured for the Chinese in Canada 433

ZB Machine Gun, Model 96, 6.5 mm. A Japanese Copy of the Czech Weapon . . . 434 ZB Machine Gun, Model 50-1932, 7.92 mm. The Only Weapon Designed by

ZB Based on the Short Recoil Principle 435

ZB Machine Gun Model 53-1937, 7.92 mm 436

Besa Machine Gun, Mk II, 7.92 mm 437

ZB Machine Gun, Model 60-1938, 15 mm 438

Besa Machine Gun, Mk 1, 15 mm, as Viewed from Below 439

Besa Machine Gun, Mk I, 15 mm, Top View 439

A Berthier Machine Gun, Cal. .30, Mounted as a Flexible Gun in a Curtiss Plane by the U. S. Navy, 1917 441

Vickers-Berthier Aircraft Machine Gun, Mk I, Cal. .303 443


Vickers-Berthier Aircrait Machine Gun, Mk I, Cal. .303, Mounted on a Scarff

Ring 444

Lahti Machine Gun, Model 26/32, 7.92 mm 446

Section Drawing of the Lahti Machine Gun, Model 26/32 447

Lahti Machine Gun With Drum Magazine 448

So loth urn Machine Gun, Model 1929, 7.92 mm 451

Drawings Showing Stange's Action. Top: Boll in Battery, Locked, Ready to Fire. Center: Gun Fired, Barrel Recoil Rotating Locking Ring. Bottom: Locking

Ring Fully Rotated and Bolt Unlocked 452

Solothurn Machine Gun, Model 1930, 7.92 mm 454

Rheinmetall Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 15, 7.92 mm 455

Rheinmetall Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 17, 7.92 mm 456

Components of the Rheinmetall MG-17 456

Rheinmetall Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 131, 13 mm, Fixed 458

Rheinmetall Aircraft Machine Gun, Model 131, 13 mm, Flexible 459

Scotti Aircrait Machine Gun, 7.7 mm 461

Drawing of Scotti's Action. Top: Bolt in Battery and Locked. Slide in Forward Position to Prevent Bolt Head from Rotating. Bottom: Slide Retracted by Gas

Piston, Allowing Bolt Head to Rotate and Unlock 462

Scotti Aircraft Machine Gun, 12.7 mm 462

Bang Aircraft Machine Gun, Cal. .276 464

Sistar Heavy Machine Gun, 7.92 mm 465

Sistar Light Machine Gun. 6.5 mm. The Operator Is Loading the Magazine 466

Sistar Light Machine Gun, 6.5 mm. The Operator Is Charging the Weapon 467

Knorr-Bremse Machine Gun, Model 1933, 7.92 mm 469

Components of the Knorr-Bremse Machine Gun, Model 1933 470

Knorr-Bremse Machine Gun, Model 35/36, 7.92 mm 471

Mauser Machine Gun, Model 1934, 7.92 mm 473

Mauser Machine Gun, Model 1934 S, 7.92 nun 474

Comparison of Component Parts of the Mauser Machine Guns of the MG-34

Series. (A) MG-34. (B) MG-34 (Modified). (C) MG-34 S. (D) MG-34/41.. 476 Comparison of Mauser Machine Guns of the MG-34 Series. (A) MG-34. (B)

Mauser Aircraft Machine Gun Model 81, 7.92 mm, Dual Mount 478

Melvin M. Johnson, Jr., Firing Lhe Weapon He Designed 481

Johnson Light Machine Gun, Model 1941, Cal. .30/06 482

Johnson Light Machine Gun, Model 1941, Disassembled For Paratroop Work .. 483

Machine Gun, Model 42, 7.92 mm 484

Components of the Machine Gun, Model 42 486

Machine Gun, Model 42, 7.92 mm. View Shows Cover Open and Barrel Release

Latch Open with Barrel Partly Removed 488

Machine Gun Model FG-42, 7.92 mm 489

Section Drawing of the Machine Gun FG-42, Showing the Action Immediately After Firing. Gas from the Barrel Is Acting on the Piston which Will Rotate and Unlock the Bolt 490

CI el and Davis When He Was a Lieutenant, USX 495

A Davis Gun Mounted on a Naval Seaplane. The Gunner Has Pivoted the Breech to the Open Position for Loading 496

Davis Gun Mounted for Anti-Submarine Patrol 498


The Davis Principle Applied in World War II. The Germans Attempted Firing a 1,500-Pound Shell from this Dornier 217 199

C. O. W. 37-mm Automatic Aircraft Cannon Mounted in a Yoisin Battle Plane,

0 0


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