tempt to introduce a repeating shoulder weapon into the service gave the conservative element a chance to point out the inevitable disaster that always follows any such departure from what has proved successful over the years.

Finally a board of officers met. After hearing all the evidence, they ordered that the Colt's use be discontinued and the pieces sold for whatever price could be obtained. The highest bid was 42 cents a rifle.

While the weapon's danger to personnel using it had undoubtedly been bad. the effect of its reputation on the trend toward repea ting-act ion guns was almost fatal, so far as our military forces were concerned. For, after the discreditable showing of the Colt revolving rifle, no officer cared to stake his career on anv such con-trivance, especially since the Colt revolver, which the weapon so closely copied, had been such a huge success. They simply could not understand why a trivial change in design could result in such disaster. It was accepted as proving that one could not go beyond a hand gun in this type of weapon.

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