Revelli Machine

A young Italian inventor in the year 1908 applied Lor his first patent on machine guns. It was to be followed by many others during the years in which his name was practically synonymous with Italian automatic weapon design. This prolific designer, later to become a high ranking military officer, was Bethel Abiel Revelli, a resident of Rome.

The automatic firing mechanism he had developed was a water-cooled machine gun with a box magazine, chambered for the 6.5-ram service rifle cartridge and weighing 38 pounds without mount. The maximum rate of fire was officially

set at 500 rounds per minute. It was one of the few medium-weight machine guns to employ a magazine instead of the customary belt. Its unique method of feeding employed a metal box with 10 compartments of 5 rounds each, making a total of 50 shots per magazine. The ammunition container, when inserted in the feed way, was so constructed that, after the first five shots, the magazine itself was indexed over one compartment. When these additional five rounds had been fed through, the process was repeated until the entire contents were expended without interruption of fire. An oil pump for automatic

Revelli Machine Gun



Revell; (Fiat] Machine Gun, Model 19M, Cal. 6.5 mm.

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