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Figuro 4 8. 7.62-mm Shkas Gun. sectional view.

also by hand; and the emde uneven radii shown in cross-section drawings suggest that components are not held to close tolcranccs by gages.

While the gun is known for its unusually high rate of fire, it does have provision for regulating the cyclic rate. This is done by changing the position of the holes in the gas regulator, which comes with holes of three different sizes, \\2-inch, Vio-mch, and Vs-inch. The smaller the orifice used, the more moderate is the rate of fire obtained.

No flash eliminator is attached to this gun, contrary to the custom in practically all Russian machine guns. However, some barrel ends have been found to be slotted, and in some instances they arc threaded. It is assumed that a flash eliminator is fitted to some of the later models.

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