Aden 25mm Revolver Cannon

Aden Cannon
Figure 18-2. 30-mra British Aden Gun. Cylinder housing

Buffers. The buffers are situated between the front of the cradle and the front face of the breech cylinder housing. Assembled on the buffer spindle is the buffer housing. Between the spindle washer and the buffer housing plug are 29 Belleville washers, each 0.090 inch thick, in pairs. A single Belleville washer at one end is placed with its concave surface facing outward.

Barrel. The barrel is ribbed at the breech and has an interrupted thread to engage a corresponding thread in the brccch cylinder housing, and there is a slot forward of the interrupted threads for the engagement of the barrel catch. A gas hole is drilled in the underside of the barrel connecting with the gas cylinder.

Breech Cylinder. The breech cylinder has five chambers 72 degrees apart. The cylinder rotates on a spindle which is supported in bearings at each end of the breech cylinder housing, the rear end of the spindle being slotted to engage the feed mechanism spindle. Machined into the front end of each cylin der is a recess to accommodatc a gas scaling sleeve. This component forms a gas-tight seal between the breech cylinder and barrel facc when the round is firecl.

On the circumference of the cvlindcr arc five rollers, equally spaced between the chambers, which engage the slide and cause rotation of the breech cylinder. Machined into the circumference are two sets of ten recesses which are engaged by the anti-rotation plunger. The front set are utilized for left-hand feed and the rear set for right-hand feed.

Breech Cylinder Housing. The brccch cylinder housing provides front and rear bearings for the breech cylinder spindle. The housing is attached to the cradle by means of two trunnions which engage ribs on the cradle side plates. At the top front of the housing is the barrel catch. Also at the front arc two tapped holes into which screw the buffer spindles and a bracket which supports the gas cylinder. At the rear of the housing are recesses which contain the cartridge retainer and a housing for the

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