American Armament

American Armament Corp.

The A AC 37 mm aircraft cannon. N. Y., Dcc 1936 Brochure on Type M (movable) and Type F (fixed) 37 mm aircraft guns. Specifications, description and illustrations of guns are included.

American Armament Corp.

Description and photographs of gun, with operating instructions.

Artillery for the air ¬°In The Aeroplane, Mar 29, 1939, p. 402)

Describes American Armament Corporation 37 mm cannon, being peddled in England. Illustrated.

Sagendorph, Kent

Tactical aspect of flexible airplane cannon. (In 17. S. Air Services, Jan 1941, p. 15)

Gives specifications and features of American Armament turret 37 mm cannon for aircraft. Illustrated with drawings.

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