Aktiebolaget Bofors.

The Bofors concern. Stockholm, 1947. Brochure giving history and products of this armament plant. Photos and plates of plant and weapons.

Aktiebolaget Bofors

25 mm automatic gun L/64. Bofors, Sweden, 1939. Characteristics and data on a/a gun. Photos.

Aktiebolaget Bofors

40 mm automatic naval gun L/60. n. d. Brochure giving characteristics and data on 40 mm Bofors, with drawings of weapon.

AB Bofors, Stockholm, Sweden

20 mm automatic aeroplane gun, L/70. 1953. (NA Stockholm Report 72-53)

Pamphlet inclosed with NA Report. Completely mechanical loading system. Normal rate of fire is 750 rpm. Designed for band feeding with de-banding during operation. Photograph, detailed drawing and description of HE 20 mm shell.

U. S. Bureau of Ordnance

40 mm. A.A. gun production—History of. 19 Nov 1945. (Memorandum for files)

Details of negotiations and production of Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft guns.

U. S. Bureau of Ordnance 40 mm Bofors gun. 1945.

History of negotiations for Bofors 40 mm a/a gun by U. S. Navy, its adoption and production in the U. S. during World

War II. Complications of contract are described. Section on use and performance. Appendix contains 1940 contract and manufacturing rights data.

U. S. Military Attaché, Stockholm, Sweden

Bofors 20 mm anti-aircraft and anti-tank gun. 10 Jun 1940.

(Report no. 1293)

General description of gun and 4 types of mount*.

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