Bredamachine Gun Magazines For Sale

Aberdeen Proving Ground

First report on Italian gun, medium machine (A. F. W.) 8 mm (0.3150 inch) Model 38, Breda and 16th report on Ordnance program no. 5826. 16 Apr 1943.

Air cooled, gas operated, magazine feed with quick change barrel. "Nothing outstanding or new about the gun." Illustrated.

Germany. LuftwafTe

7.7 mm mg und 12.7 mm mg (Ital.) Breda "Safat" Berlin, 1944.

Description, operation and maintenance. Illustrated. (In German)

Societa Ttaliana Ernesto Breda

Breda anti-aircraft and anti-tank machine gun caliber 20 mm. 1934.

Description, functioning, mounting, numerical data, ammunition and illustrations.

Societa Italiana Ernesto Breda "Breda" light mitrailleuse, n. d.

Description and operation of light Breda machine gun, which will be transportable and workable by one man. Illustrated.

1J. S. Military Attaché, Rome

The Breda 37 machine gun. 20 Dcc 1938

Data and description of 8 mm gun.

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