Aberdeen Proving Ground

Data on Japanese aircraft machine guns, 12.7 mm (fixed mount) (Browning type) 31 Jul 1943 (O. P. no. 5826)

Description and pertinent data on gun from Japanese bomber. Photos of weapon and components.

Allen, Henry B.

The caliber .50 machine gun—its conception. (In Army Ordnance, Mar-Apr 1945, p. 271)

Personal story of examination of Hotchkiss J/o-inch gun being tested secretly by French in 1917, which led to its being sent to U. S. for tests which resulted in request for similar weapon with higher velocity—the Browning cal. .50.

Application of Browning gun to airplanes. (In Scientific American, Aug 3, 1918, p. 100)

Describes tests of heavy Browning, with water jacket removed, as synchronized aircraft gun.

Boeing Aircraft Co.

Study of modified cal. .50 machine gun. 28 Aug 1945. (Report no. D 7145)

Proposes modification of Browning M-2 cal. .50 gun with the view in mind of providing a more compact and generally satisfactory weapon, specifically for aircraft work. Drawings and photos.

Rifle company weapons: 1'he light machine gun; the 60 mm mortar. Washington, 1941.

Covers training, drill marksmanship and technique of fire for Browning light cal. .3(1 trig, \fl919A4. Illustrated.

Browning Arms Co.

Browning guns and other Browning products. (Catalog no. 53)

Contains pictures of founders of firm, biographical sketch of J. M. Browning, and plate showing all of Browning weapons.

A history of Browning guns from 1831. Ogden, Utah, 1942. Illustrated.

Chinn, George M.

Assembly and maintenance of the caliber .50 Browning aircraft machine gun. 1944.

Prepared to acquaint the ordnance man in the proper use of the field gages for the assembly and maintenance of the cal. .50 gun. Field kit is manufactured by A. & R. Shop, NAS, San Diego, Cal., and contains minimum number of gages necessary to insure optimum performance in the field. Illustrated.

The Colt automatic gun. (In Scientific American Suppl., Feb 8, 1896, p. 16770)

Has picture of mounting on horse-drawn police patrol wagon. Describes weapon recently adopted by Navy.

The Colt automatic gun. (In Scientific American, Aug 19, 1905, p. 140)

. Illustrations and description of gun.

Estep, Edwin R.

From front page to front trench. (In Leslie's, Jun 8, 1918, p. 796)

Describes success of Browning machine guns with American troops. Illustrated.

General Motors Corp., AC & Frigidaire Divs.

How the gun works: Caliber .50, M2 Browning machine gun. 1943.

(Desk chart FGD)

Set of charts showing graphic operation of M2 cal. .50 gun.

General Motors Corp., AC & Frigidaire Divs.

Training manual, caliber .50, M2 Browning machine gun. Jan 1944.

Manual is devoted principally to the aircraft basic gun. Includes description, specifications, functions, assembly, hcadspace, maintenance, malfunction analyzer, ammunition, parts list, etc. Many illustrations of components with disassembled chart of complete gun.

General Motors Corp., Frigidaire Div.

Notes on materiel for T25E3 machine gun, caliber .50. 31 Jan 1945.

Deals with changes incorporated in T25E3 as compared with M2 Browning, cal. .50. Increased belt pull, improved feeding and elimination of oil buffer, in addition to increased rate of fire. Photos of weapon and its components.

Green, Samuel G.

Notes on development of Browning machine guns. 25 Aug 1950.

Story of development of cal. .30 and .50 Browning guns in period from 1918 to 1933, particularly the part played by Springfield Armory and Dr. Green.

Grenell, L. H. and others

Progress report on examination of enemy materiel: Metallurgical examination of a Japanese aircraft 20 mm "Browning type" machine gun. 19 Jun 1945. • (OSRD 5228) Contains details of fabrication, material, treatment and workmanship on weapon taken in China from Jap "Frank" plane. Photos and tables.

Lescarboura, Austin C.

Machine guns by the thousands. (In Scientific American Jan 23, 1917, p. 62 63)

Describes organization and production of Marlin-Rockwcll during WW I to produce Colt-Marlin gun. Illustrated.

Mitchcll, John B.

Browning—"Gun man" for U. S. (In Forum, 1918, p. 545-555)

Contains biographical details. Illustrated.

Preliminary facts concerning the Browning guns. (In Scientific American. Mar 9, 1918, p. 1)

Early report on BAR and water-cooled heavy gun. Illustrated.

Rock Island Arsenal

Notes on the 37 mm automatic gun, T5. 1937. The T5 gun is an experimental design to determine military characteristics of automatic cannon. Based on Brown-

ing principle. Contains description, tabulated data, carriage, gun assembly and recoil mechanism, feed mechanism, firing mechanism, etc. Many detailed illustrations.

Rock Island Arsenal

Notes on the 37 mm Browning automatic gun 19. 1939. Contains illustrations of gun, link belts, and magazines. Notes cover construction and operation of Browning antiaircraft weapon.

Samoyoa, Francisco

Reglamento táctico de ametralladoras y fusil ametrallador. Guatamala, 1944.

Describes Browning-Colt .30 cal., Model 1942. (In Spanish) Illustrated.

Springfield Armory

Report on test of Browning machine gun and Browning automatic riñe, barrels rifled with an accelerated twist. 12 Jan 1922.

Performance not as satisfactory as uniform twist rifling now used in service barrels. Photos of barrels and bullets included.

Studler, Rene R. A new aircraft machine gun; the M3 weapon increases aerial firepower fifty per cent. (In Army Ordnance, Mar-Apr 1946, p. 186)

Outstanding special components are described. Photo.

U. S. AEF, Chief Ordnance Officer

Defective material and breakages in Browning machine guns and rifles. 25 Aug 1918.

Report of defects found by 79th Division ordnance personnel in Browning weapons. Soft bolt lock shoulders and leakage of water jackets especially noted.

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