Machine Gun Darne

Darne Co. (Etablissements Darne)

Darne machine guns for aircraft, infantry, cavalry, tanks, anti-aircraft service, etc. St. Etienne, France, n. d.

Brochure on various models of Darne machine guns. Photographs of weapons.

Darne Co.

Historique de la creation de la mitrailleuse svsteme Darne. St. Etienne, n. d.

(In French) Contains photos of weapons.

Darne Co.

Provisional manual for the use of the new Darne airplane machine guns, model for turret or wing of airplane and model synchronized for fire through the propeller. St. Etienne, France, 1925.

1925 types are described with operating instructions, assembly and disassembly.

Klaguine, A.

Résumé of the advantages offered by the "Darne" aviation arms. Paris, n. d.

Weapon is compared with Gast, Lewis and Vickers guns for aircraft use.

V. S. Military Attaché, Paris

Darne aircraft and land machine guns. 28 Mar 1929 (Report no. 14,860-W)

Characteristics and brief descriptions of weapons. (Supplemental information given in MA Paris Report 14,960-W 25 Apr 1929, and Report 15,389 W, 30 Aug 1929)

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