U. S. Military Attache, Helsinki, Finland

Degtyarev 7.62 mm LMG model 38. 26 Feb 1941. (Report no. 289)

Brief description of gun and its action.

U. S. Military Attache, Riga, Latvia

Degtyarev light machine gun. 23 Dec 1933. (Report no. 8579)

Based on official manual of Estonian general staff. General data, description, operation, etc. of 7.62 mm light Russian gun. Contains pictures.

U. S. Military Attache, Riga, Latvia

Organizational equipment: Degtyarev light machine gun. 23 Dec 1933.

(Report no. 8579)

Contains general data, description and usage. Drawings and photo.

U. S. Ordnance Corps.

Users? guide for Soviet light machine guns {Degtyarev type) Oct 1950.

Brief description of Degtyarev type guns (DP, DPM, Company, DT and DTM), ammunition and instructions for maintenance in the field. Photos of guns and components.

U. S. Theatre Service Forces European Theater

Russian Degtyarev heavy machine gun, cal. 7.62 mm, model 1939. 4 Aug 1945.

(ET Ordnance Technical Intelligence Report no. 379) Detailed description, functioning of weapon. Photos show gun assembled and disassembled.

USSR. Armed Forces

7.62 mm light machine guns DP and DPM. 1940. (ID Translation 588934)

Translated from Russian manual. Contains tactical and technical characteristics of 2 guns, description, components, operation, assembly, correction of stoppages, cartridges, and storage.

USSR. N'arodn'yi Komyssaryat Oboron'i

Nastavlenic po strclkovomu delu (NSD-38) Ruchnoi pule-met Dl. Moscow, 1941.

Manual on Degtyarev. Illustrated (In Russian)

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