Mariotti. Carlo

Unser leichtes maschincngcwchr (L. M. G. 25) Bern, 1942. 36 p.

Manual on Swiss LMG 25 (Furrer) 7.45 mm. (In German}

L\ S. Military Attache, Berlin Data for Ordnance Dept. 22 Mar 1933. (M. I. D. 2296-367/8)

Inelosures: Data for light machine gun model 1925 (Swiss Furrer) with photographs.

L\ S. Military Attache, Bern

Intermediate caliber automatic cannon. 23 Feb 1939. (Report no. S-2)

Reports on new Swiss 20 mm Furrer cannon under development for aircraft.

IJ. S. Military Attache, London Furrer machine gun. 15 Feb 1928. (Report no. 21202)

Describes production and performance.

Walker, Otto

Patent application for machine gnn. May 1924. Light machine gun (Swiss) related to Furrer gun.

Gardner Farley, J. P.

Report on the Gardner gun to Commanding Officer, National Armory. Nov 5, 1875.

Examination and firing done at Pratt and Whitney plant.

Gardner, W.

Machine guns and how to use them. Washington, 1882. (Ordnance Notes- No. 198)

Reprint from the Journal of the Royal United Service Institution.

The Gardner machine gun. (In Scientific American SuppL, Jul 8, 1882, p. 5415-16)

Describes weapons adopted by British navy, with diagrams.

The Gardner machine gun, (In Scientific American Sup pi., Apr 19, 1884, p. 6905)

Illustrates single, 2 and 5 barrel Gardners.

Gt. Brit. Admiralty

Handbook for the 0.45" Gardner gun (2 barrels) London, 1894.


The improved Gardner machine gun: Rules for operating, dismounting and shifting the piece. Aug. 1881.

Manuscript copy prepared by Naval inspector at Pratt and Whitney plant.

Pratt & Whitney Co.

The improved Gardner machine gun, for service ashore and afloat; history of the invention, description of the gun, official reports of recent trials, general description, etc. Hartford, n. d.

Reports successful tests in 1879 and 1880 by Navy.

Report of board convened to conduct experiments with Gardner machine gun and cartridges. Jun 24, 1879.

Description and drawings show changes and improvements over previous gun model. Appendix has firing record.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Gardner machine gun. Washington, Mar 17, 1880. (Ordnance notes no. 124)

Report of trial of Gardner gun by ordnance board. Purchase of a limited number recommended. Drawings and target records.

Report on trial of Gardner machine gun. Nov 17, 1876. Contains drawings. Prepared by Lt. Coindr. Crowninshield and Lts. Stone and Buckingham. Tabulations show record of firing.


Gast machine gun. 1922.

Description and illustration of weapon, together with translations of correspondence of German army officials at end of WW I and later on procurement and effectiveness of weapon.

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