Antoine Gazda And Oerlikon

Aberdeen Proving Ground l est of 20 mm Gazda gun. March 1944. ( Memorandum reports 1-4)

Results of firing of first 389 rounds are given. Interlock assembly failed to function after 125 rounds. Other malfunctions occurred. Second test—5-9 March 1944. Malfunctions again occurred. Third test—10-13 March 1944. Hammer broke during test. Gun withdrawn by inventor. Ballistic results of tests are given.

Gazda, Antoine

Airpower only through firepower. (From Minuteman, Sep 21, 1943)

Wants hombers equipped with 20- and 23-mrn cannon as protection against enemy fighters. Photo.

Gazda Engineering

"Gazda" system 4-stroke flywheel-inertia locked automatic cannon far aircraft. Providence, R. I., n. d.

Weapon is compared with 20-mm Hispano automatic cannon by means of drawings. Chief difference is in the breech closing. Gazda system is characterized by flywheel inertia locking and pre-percussion. Illustrated.

Gazda Engineering

The "Gazda" 20 mm 23 mm automatic antiaircraft cannon. n. d.

Weapon compared with Oerlikon gun. Drawings showing weapon and components, also four stroke action.

New Oerlikon-Gazda cannon mechanical miracle of war. (In Minute Man, 10 Aug 1943)

Describes Gazda's career and establishment of plant in New England. Photos.

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