Hispano Suiza

Aberdeen Proving Ground

86th partial report on functioning and mechanical test of machine guns and machine gun accessories and 1st partial report on test of Hispano-Suiza 20 mm automatic cannon, type 404, Birkigt patents. 1938.

Illustrated. Tested Jun 21 to Aug 5, 1938.

De Moyer, Robert

20-mm automatic guns and materiel: Record of Army Ordnance research and development. Dec 1945.

Record of adoption, modification and development of Hispano-Suiza by U. S. since 1940, and its components. 122 illustrations from official sources, including components and accessories. Data on Ml and AN-M2 guns. (Bibliography at end of each chapter.)

Foreign Ordnance Receiving Depot, Naval Powder Factory, Indian Head " Preliminary report on Gun, Machine, aircraft, 20 mm Hispano-Suiza—Italian. 1945.

Almost identical with U. S. AN-M2 cannon. Illustrated.

Hispano-Suiza S. A. Geneva, Switzerland

Canons automatiques de DCA., armement de bord pour avions, marine, etc., armes automatiques d'infanterie, muni-tions. Geneva, n. d.

Photographs and descriptions (In English) of Type 804 H-S AA cannon 20 mm, Type 626 mounting for AA cannon, magazine type 804 (drum type), triple mounting type 630-3, type 804 aircraft cannon, belt feed mechanism, twin magazine type 504, type 830 30 mm AA cannon, firing tests and ammunition. Many photos.

Hispano-Suiza (Suisse) S. A., Geneva

Canons automatiques de DCxA., armement de bord pour avions, marine, etc., armes automatiques d'infanterie, munitions. Geneva.

Illustrated catalog and description of armament made by Hispano-Suiza. (In French)

Hispano-Suiza (Suisse) S. A., Geneva 30 mm automatic gun, type HSS 825. Manual on aircraft gun which can be equipped with a 30 or 20 mm barrel and will function for either caliber without alteration. Rate of fire 1000 rpm. Photos and diagrams.

Hispano-Suiza (Suisse) S. A., Geneva

20 and 30 mm cannons for A A and infantry. Types HSS 804 and 831. 1953.

Description and illustrations of subject cannon.

Antique and veteran. (In Road and Tracky Jun 1950, P-30)

Contains description of origin of Hispano-Suiza name.

Les moteurs-canons Hispano-Suiza. (In Revue de l1 Armée de l'airt 7th year, 2nd vol., 1935, p. 827)

Review and analysis of Birkigt patents 771,806, 771,807, 771,808, 773,040, 778,335, all French patents. (In French)

Société Française Hispano-Suiza

Notice sommaire sur le canon Hispano-Suiza type 404. 1937.

(In French ) Includes data, operation and precautions. U. S. Army

Gun, automatic, 20 mm, Ml and M2. (U. S. Army Specification No. 51-12-48A, 5 Jan 1942) With Amendment 4, 31 Jan 1944.

U. S. Bureau of Ordnance

"Ordwell" Ordnance, his story. All weather doctrine for operation and maintenance of the 20 mm aircraft machine gun M3. 21 Sep 1951. (OP 1910)

Compilation of latest techniques and procedures as determined through service usage for maintenance of M3 (Hispano) under all weather conditions. Illustrated.

U. S. Bureau of Ordnance

20 mm aircraft gun and accessories. 3 Nov 1941. (F41-1 (HG))

A review of the status of the subject gun and accessories as of 3 Nov 1941. Covers feeds, trigger controls, chargers, etc.

U. S. Bureau of Ordnance, Mn6

20 mm M-2 automatic guns, technical data on. Memorandum dated 4 Jun 1942.

Includes technical data based on GM (Oldsmobile Div.) engineering records, problems encountered in servicing the M-2 automatic guns, and 4 failure reports.

List of all parts of gun, automatic, 20 mm, AN-M2 and M3. Jan 1948.

Alphabetical list of all parts required to make a complete weapon. Exploded views are included.

U. S. Military Attache, London

Aircraft cannon effectiveness. Aug 27, 1940. (Report no. 41546)

At time 20 mm Hispano-Suiza cannon had not shown superiority in effectiveness over Browning .303 machine guns.

U. S. Military Attache, London

B. M. A. R. C. 15 nun and 30 mm aircraft guns. 19 Mar 1945.

(Report no. R1632-45)

Data on two guns being sent to Aberdeen for testing. Modifications of Hispano-Suiza gun by British Manufacture and Research Co., Ltd. (BMARC). Unfavorably reported on by RAF due to their weight and failure to live up to specifications.

U. S. Military Attache, London

Molins class "B" 20 mm aircraft gun. 22 Apr 1943. (Report no. 56096)

Firm has made 3 high-speed films showing action on Molins modified Mark II aircraft gun. Report describes contents of films. Fires 1050 rounds per minute.

U. S. Military Attache, London

Molins high speed 20 mm aircraft gun. 23 Apr 1943. (Report no. 56186)

Supplement to MA 56096, giving further details on modifications to Hispano-Suiza 20 mm gun. Certain parts need strengthening to prevent recurrent stoppages, particularly locking plate and breech block.

U. S. Military Attach«, London

Molins high speed 20 mm gun. 17 Aug 1943. (Report no. 59981)

Relates to redesign of 20 mm Mark II gun to increase rate of fire. Modifications should be considered in connection with U. S. gun.

U. S. Military Attach**, Paris

Hispano-Suiza aircraft cannon Type 404. 11 Mar 1937. (Report no. 23256-W)

Gives detailed characteristics of Hispano 20 mm gun. Also data on procurement by Great Britain.

U. S. Military Attache, Paris

Wing mounting of Hispano-Suiza cannon. 1 Aug 1939. (Report no. 25137-W)

Specific details are given for wing mounting of Type 404 Hispano in single-seater fighter Blocti 150/151.

U. S. Military Attaché, Paris

Hispano-Suiza automatic cannon. 25 Jan 1940. (Report no. 25469 W)

Gives characteristics of 23-mm cannon then under development. Mentions 30-mm cannon but no details available.

LT. S. Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgrcn, Va.

Report of firing tests of Hispano-Suiza-Birkigt 20 mm aircraft cannon, type 404. No. 10868. Dahlgren, Jun 3, 1941. Illustrated. Tests held Jul 1940.

U. S. Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Va. 20 mm automatic gun, T34. 15 Jun 1945. Report on tests for comparison of T31 (M3) and T34 guns for service use. Data on cyclic rates, malfunctioning, and breakage. Parts breakage excessively high; extraction failures; failure of driving springs. Tables and photos.

U. S. Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren.. Va.

20 mm automatic gun T34—Ground testing, partial report. 6 Oct 1947.

2 T34 guns tested from Feb to Sep 1947 for functional characteristics, including cyclic rates of fire, recoil travel, dispersion on rigid and non-rigid mounts, muzzle velocities and parts life. Tabulations, graphs, photos.

U. S. Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Va.

20 mm automatic gun T3l (M3)—modified. 9 Aug 1945. Results of tests on modified gun for rate of fire, recoil and endurance. Modifications include changes in gas cylinder sleeve and vent, plug orifice ; also Chinn type muzzle booster. Unreliable performance and excessive parts breakage.

U. S. Naval Supply Depot, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

20 mm gun modifications, additional clarification of. 28 Jan 1944.

Lists modifications by part number, nature and revision number.

U. S. Ordnance Committee

Chamber for 20 mm automatic guns Ml and M2? modification of. Apr 13, 1942. 22 p. (I ietii 18144)

Discusses British request for modification of chamber of gun to conform to British chamber which is 2 mm shorter. Recommends that no change be made in American gun and that guns made in IJ. S. for British use he tested as is before decision to make them with British chamber.

U. S. Ordnancc Dept.

Gun, automatic, 20 mm, Ml and M2. Base shop data. Rock Island Arsenal, 1943.

Contents: Dismantling; magazine; receiver; tube; assembly. Illustrations and diagrams.

Contains instructions required for identification, use, care, inspection, maintenance and rebuild of M3 gun and of equipment used therewith. (Combination blowback and gas-operated aircraft weapon.) Drawings and diagrams of weapon and components.

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