Describes development of cal. .50 Browning and progress in aircraft armament (synchronized guns, Browning cal. .50 and 37-mm, Davis non-recoil gun, etc.) Illustrated.

Hohm, Fritz

Die waffen dcr luftstreitkrafte. Berlin, 1935. (In German) Illustrations and descriptions of aircraft weapons of Germany and other countries. 247 illustrations.

Machine guns from GatFng to Browning. (In Popular Science, Sep 1945, p. 118]

Japanese 7,7 mm machine gun. (In International Intelligence Summary, 20 Feb 1944, p. 8) Details and illustrations arc given.

Johnson, Melvin M., Jr. and Haven, Charles T.

Automatic arms, their historv. development and use. N. Y,, 1941. Illus. 366 p.

General survey of weapons with history, development, operation and maintenance sections. Contains foldout drawings of various weapons. Index.

Johnson, Melvin M., Jr. and Haven, Charles T.

Automatic weapons of the world. N. Y., 1945. 644 p. Revision and amplification of "Automatic Arms" (1941). Summarizes most of world's automatic weapons, heavy and light machine guns, pistols, automatic cannon. Many illustrations. Bibliography p. 625-630.

Johnson, Melvin M., Jr. and Haven, Charles T.

For permanent victory: The case for an American arsenal of peace. X. Y., 1932.

Also published as "Weapons for the future.'1

Japanese small arms. ( In Army Ordnance. Jul-Aug 1944, P. 112)

Types and characteristics of rifles, pistols and machine guns. Illustrated.

Light machine guns; they should reconcile the demands of mobilitv and fire power. {In Army Ordnance, Sep Oct 1937, p. 84)

Need is for an automatic mechanism of extreme simplicity which can be adapted to light weapons.

Rifles and machine guns, a modern handbook of infantry and aircraft arms. N. Y., 1944

"This is primarily a soldier's book." Brief historical review since 1900. Sections on automatic rifles and light machine guns, sub-machine guns, carbines, pistols, aircraft cannon.

For cach weapon—pictures, brief history-, data, notes on operation, stripping and authors comments.

Weapons for the future: the. case for an American arsenal of peace. Washington, 1943. 152 p.

Book indicates lack of preparedness before World Wars I and II in the fields of small arms, machine guns and heavy weapons. Manufacturers had to depend on civilian goods to keep going. Nation urged not to let. it. happen again.

I hold my aim. London, 1946.

The story of how the Royal Air Force was armed for war. Author served on Ordnance Board in procuring weapons. Personal stories re Darnc, Birkigt, Gebaucr and other designers. Story of production of Hispano-Suiza in England. Illustrated,

Armament of single-seaters. (In Flight, Dec 21, 1939,

Contains approximate data for representative aircraft guns. Illustrated.

Patents for inventions relating to machine guns. London, 1895.

U. S. machine guns, 1895 1944, parts I-V. (In Army Ordnance, Jul 45-Mar 46)

Five articles on all official models used by U. S. (1) Catling to Marlin model 1918 tank gun; (2) Vickers 11 mm aircraft gun, model 1918, to Browning, cal. .50; (3) post-war development of Brownings; (4) continues study of cal. .30 weapons and begins cal. .50; (5) completes cal. .50 types and presents general summary of light machine gun development. Illustrated.

Lilienthal Society for Aircraft Research

Report on technical questions of aircraft weapons Sep 1944 (Report 182, 2nd part)

Translations of papers by German scientists—(1 ) Requirements for the development of aircraft guns, by Buhler. (2) Mathematics and scicntific measurements in the construction of weapons, by Niemann. (3) Devices for research in weapons, by Hackemann and Kusters. (4) Gun-barrel design, by Kruger. (5) Muzzle brakes and recoil boosters, by Grundlcr.

The book of the machine gun. London, 1917. History of machine guns, their use in battle, evolution of tactics, materiel, use by British and other armies and training are topics covered. Contains 84 illustrations and bibliography.

Modern armaments. London, 1940. Contains chapter on small arms.

Musket to machine gun. London, 1943. Non-technical summary of history of machine guns based on secondary sources. Illustrated.

Luftwehr. 1934, 1935, 1937, 1938, 1939

Contains a number of articles (in German) on aircraft armament, including Oerlikon, Madsen, Bofors, Vickers, Hispano-Suiza. American Armament. Many of the articles translated from French, English and American periodicals into German. Many details on Oerlikon weapons,

McClintock, Marshall.

The story of war weapons. Philadelphia, n. d. Chapter on small arms (from club to Garand) ; another on automatic weapons; one or» artillery (from catapult to howitzer) ; one on weapons in the skies. Illustrated.

McFarland, Earl

Light machine guns: The need for a new automatic infantry weapon. (In Army Ordnance, Scp-Oct 1910, p. 103) Characteristics to he considered are listed, with invitation to inventors for tests to be held in October 1941 by War Dept.

McFarland, Earl

Report on the instruction received at the Springfield Armory on automatic machinc guns. 5 Sep 1916.

Describes training received in handling and theoretical study of Ben£t-Mercie, Lewis, Colt, Maxim and Vickers machine rifles and machine guns. Lists modifications made in Benet-Mercie since its adoption.

The machine gun. (In Scientific American, Aug. 5, 1916, p. 125)

Gives characteristics of the three types used by U. S. Army (Lewis, Maxim, Benet-Mercie) Diagrams.

Marsh, Roger

Weapons 1: Overture to aggression; a pictorial survey of Russian small arms, 1891-1943. Hudson, Ohio, 1950.

Contains drawings and brief text on Russian handguns, rifles, machine guns and ammunition.

Maxim, Hiram S.

Automatic firing guns. I. Historical. (In Scientific American Supply May 23, 1896, p. 17002-03)

Observations on Puckle and other early guns. Also: II. Introduction of rifling (May 30, 1896, p. 17027; 17038-39.) The Peabody-Martin rifle (Jun 13, 1896, p. 17056)

Middle East handbook of enemy equipment (European) Volume II. Small arms and mortars.

Describes Italian machine guns, rifles and other automatic weapons and mortars; also armament from other countries of Europe. Italian guns include Breda, Fiat, Safat, Scotti, Isotta-Fraschini. General data, stripping, operation, etc., arc given. Photographs.

Minon, Mariano V.

Prontuario de armamento. Valladoiid, Spain, n. d. Descriptions and pictures of Darne, Semag, Putcaux and other weapons. (In Spanish)

Mleneck, Capitaine

Notes sur les mitrailleuses. Paris, n. d.

Description of early machine guns. Sketches. (In French)

Motor balloon guns; automobile vs. airship. {In Scientific American, Jan 15, 1910, p. 48)

Discusses mounting of machine guns on motor vehicles, including McClean-Lissak automatic gun mounted on Packard truck and two German rapid fire guns mounted on armored vehicles—purpose is to fire on airships. Illustrated.

Musgrave, Daniel D.

The automatic weapon. (Manuscript) Notebook and scrapbook of materials for comprehensive volume on subject. Outline of scope of volume. Pictures of mounts, ammo., data on manufacturers, systems, pictures of weapons (alph.), listing of countries with weapons each is armed with, misc. pictures of weapons in action.

Newman, James R.

The tools of war. Garden City, 1942. 398 p.. Book seeks to explain development of armaments in terms of 3 basic factors—firepower, mobility and armor (defensive power). Well illustrated chapter on machine guns, including picture of da Vinci's designs. Another chapter on "tools of air war" surveys origins of aircraft from classical times through gliders and balloons to Wright and later developments. Many interesting pictures.

Norton, Charles B.

American breech-loading small arms: a description of late inventions, including the Catling gun and a chapter on cartridges. N. Y., 1872.

includes picture of Galling camel gun and detailed early history of Galling guns. Many pictures.

Norton, Charles B.

American inventions and improvements in breech-loading, small arms, heavv ordnance, machine guns, . . . etc. Boston, 1882.

Chapter X -The Gatling gun 'on p. 278, drawing of pack gun on horse that Custer should have had ) Details on tests and correspondence re Gatling. Also material on Gardner battery gun and Wilder gun (with picture on p. 400 ol Wilder horse battery) (reversible mount on back of horse) Other historic illustrations.

Compound guns, many-barreled rifle batteries, machine guns, or mitrailleurs. London, 1874.

Early treatise on tactics and descriptions of current multiple-fire weapons. Drawings.

Parker, John H.

The machine gun in the U. S. Army. (In American Review of Reviews, Jul 1908, p. 739-40)

Summary of article in Journal of the Military Service Institution by Capt. John H. Parker on proposed organization of machine gun service in Army.

Tactical organization and use of machine guns in the field. Kansas City, 1899.

Pasrow, Kurt

Taschenbuch der hcerc. Munich, 1939. Contains pictures and data on Finnish (Lahti), Italian and other automatic weapons. (In German)

Phillips, Albert E.

Small arms in the A. E. F. (In Army Ordnance, Jan-Fcb 1935, p. 217)

Shortages and inadequate weapons at beginning of WW I described, together with attempts at solving problem in the field. Illustrated.

A history of firearms. London, 1936.

Chapter on self-loading and automatic arms. Contains table of modern proof marks.

Pontiac Motor Division, General Motors Corp. Pontiac's anti-aircraft training program, n. d. Illustrated brochure on school conductcd in WW II on 20 mm (Oerlikon) and 40 mm (Bofors) guns and mountings by Pontiac.

Superiority of fire; a short history of rifles and machine guns. London, 1945. 146 p.

Carries story of rifles and machine guns from earliest origins to outbreak of WW II. Chapters on earliest quick firing weapons, Maxim, Gatling, and machine guns in aerial warfare '1914-1944) Emphasis on tactical history. Illustrated.

Die principiellen eigcnschaftcn der automatischen feuer-waffen . . . Vienna, 1902. 140 p. 52 figures, 16 illustrated tables.

(In German) "Principal examples of automatic weapons" Based on articles in "Danzcr's Armee-Zeitung". Illustrates Roth, Bergmann, Browning, Dormus, Krnka, Luger, Männlicher, Schwarzlose and other principles. Section on primer actuated blowback (Roth—1902). Also illustrations of Roth mg.

Aircraft armament. (In The Aeroplane, Jun 24, 1931, p. 1210)

Summary of present status (1931 ) of British aircraft armament. including bombing, torpedoes, heavy guns, rifle caliber automatic guns, observers guns. Illustrated.

Quinat, Capitaine

Les mitrailleuses en France et a l'étranger. Annexe à la premiere partie, historique et description. Camp de Chalons, 1913.

Brief descriptions and illustrations of weapons then current. (In French)

The cannons are coming. (In Aeronautics, Oct 1940, p. 60)

Describes early use of aircraft cannon, such as Davis, COW gun, VickcM, etc., in World War I. Illustrated.

Ritchie, Scott B.

Enemy weapons, the collection and analysis of captured materiel. (In Army Ordnance, Jul-Aug 1943, p. 96)

Organization of Ordnance Intelligence Unit is described. Collection of weapons at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Contains many German, Italian and Japanese models, representative ones of which are described and illustrated.

Russian small arms (aircraft machine guns) 15 Mar 1945 (ETO TI Report no. 91 A)

Brief descriptions and photos of 7.61 mm Shkas, 12.7 mm. BS, 20 mm Shvak and 23 mm VJa.

Basic manual of military small arms. Harrisburg, 1945. 351 p.

Covers over 100 foreign and American small arms (pistols., revolvers, rifles, carbines, submachine guns, light machine guns, anti-tank guns, rocket launchers, recoillcss rifles). Each described with profuse pictures to illustrate stripping, loading and firing.

Simon, Leslie E.

Report on German scientific establishments. Washington, 1945.

A survey of German military research projects based on investigations by U. S. teams. Includes Hermann Goring Establishment for Ballistics Research and Measurements, Army Artillery Proving Ground, DWM Research Establishment, and others. Illustrated.

Stockbridge, V. D.

Digest of patents relating to brccch-loading and magazine small arms fcxccpt revolvers) granted in the U. S. from 1836 to 1873, inclusive. Washington, 1874.

Patents classified according to the movement of the principal parts for opening and closing the breech. Drawings for cach patent included.

Studler, Rene R.

The aircraft gun problem: Should the rifle or shotgun principle of fire prevail? (In Ordnance, Sep-Oct 1952) Compares use of cal. .50 guns with larger caliber weapons in aircraft, as to rate of fire, muzzle velocity and muzzle energy per round.

Tilson, John Q.

Anns, ammunition, airplanes and gas masks. (Speeches delivered in House of Representatives, 65th Congress, 1918) Washington, 1918.

Describes lack of foresight in equipping army at beginning of World War I and program for use of Lewis and Marlin guns in aircraft.

Tombesi, Tito

Armamento aereo. Rome, 1943.

Contains description and characteristics of various Italian aircraft weapons. Illustrated. (In Italian]

Truslow, Neal

The machine gun and its development. (In Scientific American, Nov 27, 1915, p. 464)

Summary of development with pictures.

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