=0.001485 second

Thus, the barrel and bolt will meet at 0.0456 second at a displacement from battery of approximately 0.06 foot.

When the bolt and barrel meet, the bolt locks to the barrel. At the instant of impact, the velocity of the bolt is 29.5 feet per second and the velocity of the barrel is 16.5 feet per second. Since the bolt locks to the barrel, the parts will assume some common velocity. The value of the common velocity is determined by the fact that the momentum of the

combined mass after impact wil be the same as the total momentum before impact. That is:

For the conditions of the example:

As the barrel and bolt move to battery, this velocity will be increased slightly by the combined force of the barrel return spring and bolt driving spring. Since the remaining motion is so short (0.06 foot), it will be sufficiently accurate to estimate the effect of this force by assuming that the average force will be the force which exists at a displacement of 0.03 foot. This force is:

0 0

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