The Catling gun. (In Scientific American SuppL, Jun The Gatling gun. Its positive feed; high angle fire and use in war. n. d.

Brochure with illustrations.

The Gatling gun. (In Scientific American SuppL, Jun 7, 1884, p. 7022-23)

Describes latest Gatling gun with 6, 8 and 10 barrels. Illustrated.

Gatling Gun Co.

The Gatling gun; official reports of trials, description, general directions, targets, etc. Hartford, 1878. Illustrated.

Catling's battery gun: manufactured by Colt's Firearms Manufacturing Co., with official reports, official target records of the U. S. A. Ordnance Department, recommendations. description, etc. Hartford, 1867. Illustrated.

Hopkins, Owen J.

Drill manual for the Gatling gun. Columbus, O., 1900. Illustrated manual.

Gatling guns; instructions for use and care of. Washington, 1875.

Norton, Charles B.

American breech-loading small arms: a description of late inventions, including the Gatling gun and a chapter on cartridges. N. Y., 1872.

Includes picture of Gatling camel gun and detailed early history of Gatling guns. Many pictures.

Norton, Charles B.

American inventions and improvements in breech-loading, small arms, heavy ordnance, machine guns, . . etc. Boston, 1882.

In Chapter X—details and illustrations on Gatling gun tests and correspondence. Includes picture of packhorse mounting.

Parker, John H.

History of the Gatling gun detachment, 5th Army Corps, at Santiago. Kansas City, 1899.

Contains picture of battery of Catlings at Baiquiri before starting to front. Author is famed "Gatling Gun" Parker.

Report on Gatling gun, May 30, 1868. Board of Naval officers reporting to Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy, declares the weapon "has no known superior" for special service oil vessels of war. Targets included.

Springfield Armory

Rules for the inspection of Gatling guns in detail. Springfield, 1875. Illustrated.

U. S. Adjutant General's Office

Description and service of machine guns used in The United States Army. Washington, 1896. i Artillery Circular K) Lists Gatling guns in service in 1896.

Report of trial of Catlings gun or battery, May 20, 1863. Manuscript report of trial of Rear Adm. John A. Dahlgren by Lt. Comdr. Jos. S. Sherrett. Gun stood limited test admirably.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Report of the board of officers ... on Gatling guns of large caliber for flank defense. Washington, 1874. (Ordnance memorandum no. 17) Illustrations.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Report of the Chief uf Ordnance, 1896-97. Appendix 2, nomenclature and description of the Galling gun, caliber .30, model 1895. (p. 61-72) With sketches and diagrams.

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