Figure 2-27. Time-Travel and Time-Velocity Curves Up to End oi Acceleration Period.

6. Barrel recoil motion after acceleration

After the action of the accclcrating device has hecn completed, the barrel must be stopped and latched, and the bolt must continue its rearward travel until the opening between the barrel and bolt is sufficient to permit feeding of a fresh cartridge.

At the end of the acceleration period, the barrel of the gun used as example is moving at the rate of

6 feet per second. Since the accelerating device is rio longer acting, the barrel motion will now be impeded only by the barrel return spring. As shown in fig. 2-27, the barrel travel at 0.009 second is 0.135 foot, and at this displacement the force of the barrel spring is:

acceleration ends bolt velocity bölT

travel acceleration starts unlocking occurs barrel travel projectile leaves muzzle barrel velocity

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