Aberdeen Proving Ground

Japanese 7.7 mm heavy machine gun type 01 (1941) (FMAR-698) 1945. (OR&DG 6073)

Japanese gas operated (modified Hotchkiss) air-cooled gun firing only rimless ammunition. Photos.

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Initial data on gun, machine, 7.7 mm (.303 inch) aircraft (flexible mount) type 89—Japanese and gun, machine, 7.7 mm, aircraft (flexible mount) dual type 89 (Jap). 5 Jun 1943.

(O. P. No. 5826) Description and photographs.

Grenell, L. H. and others

Examination of enemy materiel: Metallurgical examination of a Japanese 7.92 mm Type 98 flexible a/c machine gun. 25 Jul 1945. (OSRD No. 5516)

Metallurgical analysis of Jap copy of MG 15 aircraft machine gun. Photos and tables.

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Test of Japanese 7.7 mm paratroopers machine gun, model 99 (1939) (FMAR 542! 30 Mar 1945. (OR&DC #5733)

A modification of the Japanese Model 99 light machine gun. Photograph.

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Test of gun, light machine, cal. 7.7 mm, Type 99 (1939). 31 Jul 1943. (O. P. 5826)

Describes captured Japanese weapon. Photo.

Japanese light machine gun, Type 99. n. d. (In The Ordnance Sergeant)

Illustrated description with nomenclature.

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