The romance of invention—VIII: The one-man machine gun and its inventor. (In Scientific American, Feb 14, 1920, p. 160)

Describes Col. I. N. Lewis and the success of his gun in WW I. Illustrated.

Crozier, William

Ordnance and the world war. N. Y., 1920. Describes trials of Lewis gun by U. S. Army (Gen. Crozier was Chief of Ordnance dept.) First tests unsuccessful, but later acceptable and adopted. Defense of government against accusations of Lewis supporters.

Detail drawings and descriptions of the Maxim and Lewis rapid fire machine guns. (In Scientific American, Feb 6, 1915, p. 130 37}

The inspection and tests of Lewis machine guns. (In Scientific American, Nov 25, 1916, p. 475) Illustrated account of manufacture.

Jacklin, G. and Whipp, Derek

Simplified instruction manual with a number of drawings.

Lewis, Isaac N.

Operation and tactical use of the Lewis automatic machine rifle. N. Y., 1917. Illustrated manual.

Morrison, Robert

To fire from the skies. (In Technical World magazine, Sep 1912, p. 200-202)

Story of first firing of Lewis gun from plane at College Park, Jun 1912. Illustrated with pictures of Lewis and pilot and gunner in plane.

Our future "flying batteries". (In Literary Digest, Sep 21. 1912, p. 461-62}

Describes first test of Lewis gun in air at College Park, Md., Jun 1912. Illustrated.

Anti-aircraft defense against low-flying enemy aircraft. A handbook for light machine gunners. London, 1941.

Describes use of Lewis guns in torpedo boats, speed boats and launches. Illustrated.

Lewis gun mechanism made easy. Aldershot, 1942. 22 p. Manual Tor rapid training. Diagrams.

Savage Arms Corp.

Hand-book of the Lewis machine gun (airplane type), Model 1917-18, cal. .30. Utica, 1919. 63 p. Illustrated.

Savage Arms Corp.

Hand-book of the Lewis machine gun, model 1917, cal. .30. Utica, N. Y., 1919. 63 p. Illustrated.

Savage Arms Co.

Lewis automatic machine guns: the vital factor in the European war. N. Y., 1917.

Excerpts from official reports, items of personal experience and news clippings on the part played by these guns in war. Illustrated.

Whcatlcy, William J.

The Lewis gun for aeroplanes. (In Scientific American, Jul 6, 1912. p. 12)

Illustrated. Report of first trial at College Park, Jun 1912.

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