Aberdeen Proving Ground

German 20 mm aircraft machine gun, Mauser MG 151 (FMAR-169 I and several types of Mauser 20 mm ammunition: A.P.I. (FMAM-542) ; H.E.I. (FMAM-354); H.E.T. (FMAM-420) ; H E. (FMAM-355) ; H E. {FMAM-391; I. i FMAM—43 i). 21 Mar 1944. (RC #2188) Contains firing data.

Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee

Visit to Mauser Werke A. G. Oberndorf am Neckar, and Mauser personnel at Lager Haiming, Otztal, near Innsbruck. 1945.

Interrogations of key personnel of Mauser firm at Obern-dorf and other places, including group captured by American troops. (Harnisch, Fleck, von Lossnitzer, Linder, Schroth, and others.) Lists personnel and organization of firm. Appendix gives full particulars on main developments of recent yeais. (MG-213, electric cartridge ignition, paper case ammunition, barrel development and wear, MG-215, MK-214, measuring and testing apparatus.) Photos, drawings, diagrams.

Gt. Brit. Ministry of Aircraft Production

M G. 151 German aircraft machine gun and mounting, n.d.

Detailed description and illustrations of 20 mm MG 151 aircraft cannon.

Beschreibung, Handhabung und bedienung des MG-34 als leichtes M. G., schwcrs M. G. und in der ttugabwehr. Berlin, 1941.

(In German) Handbook on MG-34. Illustrated. Medlin, M. F.

The German 7.92-mm machine gun, MG-34. (In Army Ordnance, Mar-Apr 1943, p. 324)

Description and instructions for use. Illustrated.

Mauser rifles and pistols. Harrisburg, 1947. Historical forward tells of part played by Charles Norris of Philadelphia in patenting 1st Mauser rifle in U. S., and other background of Mauser firm. Also describes Drcysc Needle gun, other Mauser weapons. Many illustrations.

U. S. Military Attache, Cairo

20 mm A.A./A.T. gun Flak 38. 22 Mar 1943 (Report no. 50)

Description of captured German weapon, including action of gun. Also described is "Flakvisier 38", an electric sight-giving azimuth and elevation leads automatically.

L'. S. Naval Powder Factory, Indian Head, Md.

Gun, machine, anti-aircraft, 20 mm Flak 38M1—German. 24 Apr 1945.

Photos and description of gun.

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