Gt. Brit. Admiralty

Handbook of the 0.45-inch 5-barrel Nordenfelt guns, Marks 1 and II. London, 1894. Drawings.

Gt. Brit. Admiralty-

Handbook of the 1" 4-barrcl Nordenfelt gun. London, 1889.

Contains illustrations and diagrams.

Mitrailleuse automatique modèle 1897 de la Société Nordenfelt (de Paris) (In Revue d'artillerie, Vol. 52, 1898, p. 105-ff)

(In French.) Description and illustration of weapon.

Nordenfelt, Thorsten

Letter to Capt. Chadwick, USN, 24 May 1884. Lists suggestions for naval armament of machine guns, other than those of rifle caliber, by using same system of machine guns throughout—namely the Nordenfelt.

Nordenfelt, Thorstcn

The Nordenfelt machine guns described in detail and compared with other systems: also their employment for naval and military purposes. Portsmouth, Eng., 1884.

The Nordenfelt machine guns, (In Scientific American Suppl., Jul 25, 1885, p. 7962 63 }

Range from 21/i-in. 6-pounder to single barrel rifle caliber gun firing 180 shots per minute. Illustrated.

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