Aberdeen Proving Ground

Functional test of Japanese caseless gun, automatic. 40 mm, HO-301. 1947.

Gun given preliminary examination: then 56 rounds were fired, during which rate of fire, instrumental velocity, target dispersion, fuze function, and amount of breech and muzzle flash were observed. Aircraft gun which resembles Oerlikon a/a 20 mm guns. Photographs.

For free shell-guns. (In Flight, Apr. 14, 1938, p. 309) An Oerlikon aircraft mounting with electrical drive. (FFS model) Illustrated.

Gt. Brit. War Office

Handbook of the gun, machine, Polstcn, 20 mm Mk I, 6 Mav 1944.

Primarily an anti-aircraft weapon against low flying aircraft. Description and action are given. Similar in principle to 20 mm Oerlikon used by Royal Navy. Drawings and diagrams.

Modern shell guns. (In Flight, May 2, 1940, p. 406) Describes the Oerlikon series for aircraft, anti-aircraft and infantry use. Drawings & technical data.

The Oerlikon cannon. (In Flight, Jul 22, 1937, p. 2) Facts and data on this weapon.

"Oerlikon'* engine gun type FFS/MK (In Inter-A via, Nov 16, 1938. supplement to No. 594)

Data and description of weapon. Illustrated.

Oerlikon Tool & Arms Corp. of America

The Oerlikon 20 mm revolver gun 206 RK. Ashcville, N. C., n. d.

(Technical Brochure no. 1393)

Description of high performance aircraft gun "featuring a high muzzle velocity and an exceptionally high rate of fire. ' Contains description, operation, parts list, etc. Diagrams, photos of weapon and components.

Oerlikon Tool & Arms Corp. of America

The Oerlikon 30 mm revolver gun 302 RK. Asheville, N. C., n. d.

(Technical Brochure no. 1362)

Technical data, principles of operation, installation, ammunition, description of components and service instructions are given. Photographs and diagrams.

Oerlikon Werkzeugrnaschinenfabrik

The "Oerlikon" 20 mm automatic gun, type 5 TG. Zurich, n. d.

(Brochure no. 1039)

New weapon with rate of fire of 1000 r. p. m. and an initial velocity of 1130 m./scc, tripling performance of conventional 20 mm guns. Contains technical data, description, photos and diagrams.

Oerlikon Werkzeugrnaschinenfabrik

The 20 mm aircraft armament "Oerlikon". Oerlikon, Switzerland, 1936.

Descriptions of Oerlikon guns, models F, L, S, with illustrations, types of mountings, sighting devices, ammunition, etc.

Société Française Hispano-Suiza

Notice technique du canon type 9. 1937. (In French) Relates to mounting and upkeep of engine mounted 20-mm cannon. Illustrated.

U.S. Bureau of Ordnance

History of 20 mm A. A. gun and mount program. 7 Nov 1 945.

Story of negotiations for and production of Oerlikon 20 mm a/a guns by Navy in WW II.

U. S. Bureau of Ordnance

20 rnm A. A. gun. 20 mm machine gun mechanisms Marks 2 and 4 . . . Mar 1943. (OP no. 911)

Describes construction, operation and maintenance of the 20 mm A A guns. (Oerlikon) Plates and diagrams.

U. S. Military Attache, Berlin

"Semag" 2 cm machine gun. 14 Apr 1923. Description, characteristics and photographs of Swiss-made gun, based on Becker cannon.

U, S. Military Attache, London

Particulars of the 20 mm Sten gun. Oct 1941. (Report no. 44898)

Tabulated comparison of data with those of 20 mm Oerlikon and Hispano-Suiza.

U. S. Naval Attache, London

German 2 cm M. G.—F. F. 22 Apr 1943. NA London 1574-43

Data on F. F. aircraft gun (Oerlikon) preferably used as fixed gun.

U. S. Naval Powder Factory, Indian Head, Md.

Gun, aircraft cannon. 20 mm, fixed, type 99, Mk I, with magazine—Japanese. 8 Nov 1945.

Preliminary descriptive report with photo. Jap version of Oerlikon cannon.

U. S. Naval Powder Factory, Indian Head, Md.

Gun, machine, cannon, aircraft, 20 mm, tvpe 99, Mk II Mod IV—Japanese. 26 Nov 1945.

Description (brief) and photo. Oerlikon type.

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