Principles Of Multiple Chamber Weapons

The term "revolver" as applied with reference to firearms usually first calls to mind a type of mechanism which is best represented by the modern revolver hand gun. The fundamental elements of the mechanism arc a single barrel and a cylinder which is bored with chambers for a number of cartridges. The cylinder is mounted so that it can be rotated to bring each chamber successively into alignment with the barrel. The revolver mechanism, of course, receives its name from the fact that the cylinder is rotated in order to achicvc repetitive fire. However, in a larger sense, the true principles of the rotary action mechanism can be best understood and the properties of the mcchanism can be more fully appreciated by reducing the concept to an even more elementary level. When all the nonessential factors are eliminated, the one remaining characteristic is that in the operation of the mechanism, each chamber is moved laterally with respect to the position at which it is fired. It is this lateral movement which holds the kev to all of the char-

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