Putcaux Arsenal

Note sur les canons autoinatiques de 37 mm. Sep 1922. (In French—some pages translated into English) Description and functioning of cannon mounted in Hispano-Suiza motor. Illustrations include detailed diagrams of guns.

U. S. Military Attache, Rome

Special new French 37 full automatic guns. 8 Feb 1923. Description of 2 new guns developed at Puteaux Arsenal, one to fire through propeller, the other free.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

37 mm Putcaux automatic airplane motor gun. 22 Dec 1925.

General description and history of Putcaux gun, including canceled project to produce it in U. S.

U. S. Signal Corps

Cannons on airplanes. 25 Jan 1918.

Information on French experiments on developing Putcaux 37 mm semi-automatic cannon, Puteaux 37 mm automatic cannon, and Puteaux 75 mm airplane cannon.

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