Recoil Operation

full share of braking action and too much of the explosive impulse will be utilized to stop the counter-recoil motion. The subsequent recoil will therefore be weak. If, on the other hand, firing occurs too late, the buffer may be overtaxed and too much of the explosive impulse will be available for producing rccoil. Rccoil will then be too violent. If the effects of small variations in the time of firing prove to be troublesome, these effects can be minimized by utilizing a buffer which is compressed through a greater distance, thus allowing a greater amount of time for the action of the retarding force. For example, it has been shown above that a 50-pound mass moving at 18.2 feet per second will produce a 0.250 inch compression in a buffer exerting an average force of 12,350 pounds. The time for this action can be computed as follows:

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