Ultrashkas Machine

Russian machine gun, 20 mm Shkas aircraft machine gun. 1 Oct 1941. (Report no. 14,281) Description and data on subject gun.

Russian machine gun, 7.62 mm Shkas. Description and particulars. 29 Sep 1941. (Report no. 14,240) Description and photo of weapon.

Russian small arms (aircraft machine guns) 15 Mar 1945. (ETP TI Report no. 91 A)

Includes brief description and photos of 7.61 mm Shkas.

U. S. GBI Enemy Equipment Intelligence Service Russian 7.62 mm aircraft machine gun. 18 Oct 1944 (CBI Ordnance Technical Intelligence Report no. 49) Contents: General data on 1939 Shkas aircraft gun, description of components, disassembly, and operation. Photos include views from different sides, markings, exploded views of various groups of components.

U. S. Military Attache, Moscow-

Report on Shkas machine gun. 9 Jun 1941. (Report no. 1956)

Partial report on 7.62 aviation machinc gun with sketchy data and 5 photos, including breakdown and markings.

USSR Red Army Air Force

7.62 mm aviatsionnyye pulemety SHKAS (7.62 mm aircraft machinc guns SHKAS) 1941. 251 p.

(In Russian) Detailed description and instruction on installation of flexible, wing and synchronized guns, assembly, operation, etc. Many drawings.

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