37 mm cannon. 4 Jul 1918.

Contains inclosurcs: (1) Report of present information available in England with respect to aircraft cannon; (2) Memorandum of conference regarding the status of the different types of 37 mm cannons in France at the present time, Puteaux Arsenal.

LT. S. Aeronautical Board

The test and evaluation manual for aircraft guns. Dahl-gren, Va., Aug 1947

Manual provides single, uniform method of testing and evaluating aircraft gun-type weapons to provide the best possible index to the effectiveness and characteristics of these weapons when mounted in aircraft and used under all types of service conditions. Techniques of tests and measurements and preparation of reports are covered.

U. S. Army» Air Service. Bureau of Aircraft Production Handhook of aircraft armament. Washington, 1918. Section on machine guns (Marlin, Lewis, Vickers) restricted to care and adjustment of machine guns to aircraft installation, with precautions and list of tools. Also sections on yokes, synchronizers, special ammo., small arms. Illustrated.

U. S. General Staff

Selected translations pertaining to the tactical use and value of machinc guns. Washington, 1 906.

Includes translations of European literature on efficiency and reliability of Maxim gun.

II. S. Marine Corps. Aviation Ordnance School

Aviation ordnance training manual. Quaritico, Va., Feb 1943

Section on cannon (20 mm M2 and 37 mm M4). Another on machine guns, cal. .30 and ,50. Also small arms and other subjects. Photos and diagrams.

U. S. Military Attache. London Aircraft cannon. 11 May 1937 (Report no. 38754)

A summarization of status at time of report of aircraft cannon in various European countries.

U. S. Military Attache, London

Machine gun developments in Europe. 17 Aug 1927 (Report no. 20156)

Brief comments on trials in Europe of Berthicr, Hotchkiss, Knorr-Bremse and Madsen guns. Group of plates illustrating various Madsen guns appended.

U. S. Military Attache, London

Miscellaneous aircraft armament notes. 28 Dec 1939 (Report no. 10713)

Describes developments re 40 mm aircraft cannon (Vickcrs), 40 mm aircraft cannon (Rolls Rovce), 20 mm cannon (Hispano-Suiza), and .303 aircraft nig (Vickers), all British weapons.

Supplement—MA Report 40672, 6 Feb 1940 (contains additional data)

U. S. Military Attache, London

Small arms and small arms ammunition. 3 Aug 1929 (Report no. 25633)

Covers ordnance development in England ns of 1929 based on visits to armament plants and conversations with military men. Rifles, machine guns, aircraft guns, and ammunition.

U. S. Military Attaché, Paris

Guns for aeroplanes. 20 Dec 1921. (Report no. 486UW)

Gives status concerning materiel for armament of airplanes in France at time.

U. S. Military Attaché, Paris

Italian trials of 50 caliber guns. 5 Nov 1928. (Report no. 14309-W)

In trials of 4 anti-aircraft guns, Hotchkiss 13.2 mm gun obtained best record for continuous hot barrel accuracy. Others were Fiat, Vickcrs and Browning.

New Italian aeronautical 20 mm guns. 29 Jul 1937 (Report no. 16140)

Interest started in 20 mm guns after abandoning 12.7 mm explosive bullet (forbidden by international agreement). Experimental models being made by Breda and Isotta-Fraschini. No airplanes yet armed with them.

U. S. Military Attache, Rome

Italian developments in field of machine guns. 12 Jan 1927 (Report no. 10147)

Brief survey of status of development in Italy as of date of report. Appendices are translations of ( 1 ) description of Fiat Machine Gun, Model 1926 (cal. 6.5) and (2) description of Fiat 25 mm anti-aircraft machine gun, designed by Rcvclli. Photos of Model 1926 gun.

L\ S. Military Attaché, Valencia, Spain

Machine guns and ammunition. 13 Mar 1937 (Report no. 6400)

Describes armament used by various forces in Spanish Civil War—Russian and Italian planes.

L . S. Naval Liaison Office, Colombo, Ceylon

Japan—aviation guns and ammunition. 18 Oct 1943. Contains copies of evaluation reports on ( 1 ) Japanese 7.92 mm recoil operated, trigger fired, magazine fed air-cooled machine gun (type 98); (2) Japanese 20 mm aircraft cannon ammunition; (3) Japanese type 89 "Kai Tan" 7.7 mm machine gun ; (4) Japanese type 89 Mk II 7.7 mm air-cooled mg; (5) Japanese 12.7 mm (Browning type m. g.) (6) Japanese Taisho 11 6.5 mm mg.

Markings included with descriptions and evaluations.

U. S. Navy Department

Report of the Secretary of the Navy, 1894. (p. 360 84) Report of board appointed for trial of machine guns. Tested: Gatling, Acclcs, Gardner, Robertson, Maxim Nordenfclt, and Skoda. Majority selected Maxim Nordcnfclt; minority report for Gatling.

L. S. Ordnance Dept.

History of machine guns and automatic rifles. Washington, 1922. 64 p.

Contains statistics on weapons available at beginning of World War 1. History of Hotchkiss, Chauchat, Colt, Vick-ers, Lewis. Browning, Marlin and others. Statistics on production during WW 1. Illustrated.

U. S. Ordnance Dept. Artillery Div. Industrial Service Aircraft cannon. Volume 1. Nov. 1944. Vol. 1 covers Ml and AN-M2 20 mm gun and T31 20 mm gun. Contains general background, procurement and production of guns and related components, and engineering. References included to document text (copies of each attached;. 13 photos of Hispano installations; also pictures of T3 I.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

All present available data on various types of German machine guns. July 1918.

Compiled by L». H. D. Parker. Includes descriptions of light Maxim 1908-15 and Parabellum machine guns.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Antiaircraft materiel for machine guns; service handbook. Washington, 1920.

Has pictures of Browning and Lewis guns used as AA.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Catalog of enemy ordnance materiel. 1945. In 2 volumes—I. German section; II. Japanese section. Each section includes tank and motor vehicles, artillery, small arms aircraft armament, ammunition—rockets. Also covers Japanese markings. Page for each item with photo, specifications and description.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Handbook of ordnance data. Washington, 1919. Contains chapter on aircraft armament of U. S. and allies in WW I. Guns, synchronizers, mounts, sights.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Japan—Light and heavy machine guns. 9 Sep 1941. Gives data on characteristics of 4 Jap light machine guns and 2 heavy guns.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Notes made at the War College concerning machine guns of various countries. Washington, 1915.

Information arranged according to country, with description of each weapon, then organization and tactical use.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Report of the Chief of Ordnance, 1904-05. Appendix I: "'Report of board on test of automatic guns." Assembled at Springfield Armory, 20 Aug 1903, followed by tests at Fort Riley, Kansas. Guns tested: Danish (Mad-sen), Colt and Vickers. Recommendation that Vickcrs standard pattern gun be adopted. Tests described, with descriptions and pictures of guns. Madsen gun failed in feed mechanism.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Research, development and production of small arms and aircraft armament of the Japanese Army. Tokyo, 1916. (Ordnance technical intelligence report no. 19) Reviews research and development on small arms and automatic cannon from 1938 to 1945, describes government proving grounds and arsenals and armament factories during war. Many photographs.

U. S. Ord. Dept. Small Arms Development Branch Aircraft weapon characteristics. 1 Dec 1947. Tabulation of German. Russian, U. K., and Swiss weapons, giving characteristics.

U. S. Patent Office

Specifications and drawings of patents for machine guns issued from the United States Patent Officc prior to January 1,1882. Washington, 1882.

Numerical and alphabetical lists, followed by patents themselves.

Report of Board of Officers convened by War Department Special Orders No. 37-0, 50-0, 78-0 and 79-0, Feb 1920—Apr 1920.

Meeting called to consider development of aircraft machine guns and aircraft cannon. Considered present types of guns with recommendations for future use (Marlin, Vickers, Browning, Lewis). On Browning guns, list of changes lo correct present defects (1920) is given. Specifications for aircraft cannon are outlined.

Wharton, James E., and others

Machine gunners pocket manual; a reference text for officers and enlisted men of machine gun companies in the field. 1931.

Whitehouse, Arch

Twenty years of guns in the sky. (In Popular Aviation, Feb 1938, p. 10)

Story of aircraft guns from Strange & Gaskell (Aug 1914) who first fired Lewis gun from air in combat to 1938. Author finds no great advance over WTW I. Illustrated.

Wilhclm, Glenn P.

Machine gun cannon, the disadvantages of increased calibers. (In Army Ordnance, Mar-Apr 1934, p. 279).

Compares characteristics of cannon of different calibers. Illustrated.

Wimmersperg, Ileinrich

Fixed barrel automatic firearms. (In Army Ordnance, Jul—Aug 1936, p. 18)

Most principles developed before turn of ccntury. Article presents several little-known systems of technical and historical interest, including Paulson (1886) (gas operated pistol), Schwarzlose {1913), Mannlicher (1893), Sjogren (1900) and Puff (1903). Diagrams compare their systems with reccnt weapons of Pedersen, Scotti, Heinemann, Mauser, Gerlieh and Siinson.

Winston, Robert A.

Fixed iruns vs. free fIn Popular Aviation, Jan 1941, p.

Shows value of fixed guns in fighter planes. Illustrated.

Section II—Individual Weapons

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