U S Aef

Report on the 37 mm Coventry gun. 30 Apr 1918. Reports firing trials of new model of gun to determine whether mechanism would function at all angles of elevation and depression.

U. S. Ordnance Dept.

Vickcrs aircraft machine gun, model of 1918; service handbook. Washington, 1920. Illustrated manual.

U. S. Military Attaché, London

General characteristics of Vickers-Bcrthicr light machine gun. 20 Jul 1934. (Report no. 36020) Includes data sheet.

U. S. Military Attach^, London

Vickers-Berthicr machine rifle. 21 Apr 1928. (G-2 report) (Report no. 21686)

Data on various competitions in Europe on this and other machine rifles.

Vickcrs, Sons and Maxim, Ltd.

Modern types of battleships, cruisers and ordnance as manufactured by the firm. London, n. d.

Includes mast top mounting for 37 mm auto, gun and naval mounting for auto, rifle cal. gun. Illustrated.

Vickcrs, Sons and Maxim, Ltd.: their works and manufactures. London, 1898.

Describes early products of firm. Illustrated. (Reprinted from Engineering magazine)

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