Vandenburgh, O.

A new system of artillery for projecting a group or cluster of shot. (In Journal of the Royal United Service Institution, vol. VI, 1863, p. 377)

Describes General Vandenburgh's invention. 265 barrels clustered together. Illustrated.

Vic hers

Bostock, Sgt. Major

Machine gunner's handbook, including the Vickers light gun. London, 1914.

Gt. Brit. Air Gunnery Technical Board

Notes of meeting held 7/4/41. Apr 1941. A review of the development in England of Vickers 15 mm aircraft gun program. Includes statement by Vickers representative, notes on 15 mm gun installation, comparative data on 15 and 20 mm guns, description of the Vickers-Armstrong 15 mm gun and data on its design.

Gt. Brit. War Office

Vickers GO machine gun, Mark I. Jul 1943. (Military training pamphlet no. 35)

Describes handling, stripping and assembling, mechanism, immediate action, care and mounting. This is gas operated cal. .303 Vickers gun for twin mounting on PLM mounting in aircraft turrets. Exploded diagram.

Handbook of the Vickers machine gun, model of 1915, with pack outfits and accessories. Washington, 1917. Illustrated manual.

The new Vickers light automatic rifle-caliber gun and its adjustable mounting. {In Scientific American, Feb 3, 1912, p. 109)

Illustrations of new mounting for greater mobility.

The new Vickers-Maxiin automatic rifle-caliber gun. (In Scientific American, Aug 3, 1907, p. 83) Described and illustrated.

.300 Vickers machine gun mechanism made easy. Alder-shot, 1942. 36 p.

Written for British home guard to describe and illustrate Vickers guns with which they were armed.

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