Breech Lock

Lock Breech Machine

Unlocking—Breech Lock Being Forced out of its Recess in the Bolt.

the forward edge of the lock recess in the bolt are beveled. As the breech lock is unlocked, the initial movement of the bolt away from the barrel and barrel extension is gradual.

b.The slope of the locking faces facilitates locking and unlocking and prevents sticking. The leverage of the accelerator tips on the bolt speeds extraction, after it is started, by kicking the bolt to the rear to cxtract the empty case from the chamber.


As the bolt starts its forward movement (counter-recoil) the extractor lug rides below the extractor switch, forcing the extractor assembly farther down, until the round is in the center of the T-slot. The round, still gripped by the extractor, ejects the empty case from the T-slot. The last empty case of an ammunition belt is pushed out by the ejector.

Cocking a. When the recoiling groups are fully forward, the top of the cocking lever rests on the rear half of the V-slot in the top plate bracket. As the bolt moves to the rear, the top of the cocking lever is forced

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