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Minigun Mounted


Minigun Mounted in a C-47 known as "Side-Fire". In the Right Corner is the Original Mounts.

1963. This was a single-ended system with a new ammunition conveyor wheel between the exit of the drum and the entrance to the gun.

There were two other Minigun single-ended Link-less Feed Systems designed and used in speciality installation. The first was the Minigun Module for "Side-Fire" and the second was for the nose gun bay of the AT-37D.

The "Side-Fire" module was a one-way linkless

vertical storage drum with a horizontal Minigun on top of it. The drum had a single-lead helix on the inside of the fixed outer drum 111 which the butts of the rounds rode. The rounds had their projectiles pointing radially toward the center of the drum. Inside the drum was a paddle-wheel inner drum that did turn. The paddles extended radially outward over the projectile end of the rounds, so that as the paddle wheel inner drum turned it forced all the

Linkless Feed

Minigun Internal Assembly Linkless Feed System

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