General Electric

225 Gast Gun


mmm mm

25mm GE 225 Two Barrel Gun


Early in the 1980'.s, General Electric surveyed foreign and domestic gun technologies to determine which 25mm size had the best characteristics for installation on small vehicles. One, a foreign gun, stood out from the others from the viewpoint of firing rates versus weight. This gun was a 23mm two-barrel, gas powered unit employing a unique motion multiplying mechanism and a one sprocket delinking feeder. The two barrels fire alternately but recoil in unison. When sized to handle the 25mm

Bushmastcr round, initial performance estimates showed this type mechanism capable of unequaled weight and rate of fire characteristics.

In 1982, a design study was made to thoroughly investigate the Gast-type of mechanism in a 25mm gun, to be designated the GE 225. Results showed that the GE 225 could be designed to fire at least 2000 spin and that it would weigh only 200 lbs. including recoil mechanism, feeder and gas drive, substantially more firepower and less weight than any comparable gun or concept.

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