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GAU-13/A Four Barrel Avenger Gun and GPU-5/A Gun Pod


The Four Barrel Avenger GAU-13/A is the lightweight variation of the original Avenger, the seven barrel, 30mm GAU-8/A gun used on the Air Force A-10.

The new GAU-13/A was designed, from the beginning, using GAU-8/A details and materials in order to obtain the smallest and lightest 30mm gun for the GPU-5/A gun pod for the Air Force. The gun weighs one-half of that of the Avenger gun. It is also very much like the five barrel 25mm Equalizer GAU-12/U used on the U.S. Marines Harrier AV-8B.

These three guns represent the latest in weapons technology and metallurgy, firing large calibre, high energy projectiles of various designs for special target effects. Together with the 20mm Vulcan and the 7.62mm Minigun, these five high rate guns have been in production at the General Electric Company since 1956, starting at various times, and, some are still in production in 1986. They all revert back to RichardJ. Gatling for the basic principle of operation he invented inl864. However, today's weapons have demonstrated their ability to provide sustained, reliable, high rate of fire on many modern day military platforms into 1986.

The four barrel GAU-13/A is pneumatically driven to fire at 2400 shots per minute on the GP-5/A

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