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The M230E1 is a variation of the .30mm M230 which has been tried and proven through 250,000 rounds of firing by both Hughes Helicopters and the U.S. Army. The El model, however, has been rechambered to fire both ADEN/DEFA and U.S. built 30mm ammunition. Minimal changes have been made to the basic mechanism to accommodate the slightly longer and more powerful round of ammunition. Additionally, the basic M230E1 gun will fire either linked or linkless ammunition through the use of a lightweight interchangeable transfer unit. For present requirements, linked ammunition will be utilized in the AH-1S Cobra installation while the YAH-64 A AH will capitalize on a linkless conveyor system. The basic M230E1 gun, however, is interchangeable between the two attack helicopter systems.

The Hughes Company can proudly point out the following superior features:

The Hughes Chain Gun will fire the XM552/639 family of ammunition. All rounds are handled with carc, cither at constant velocity or with accelerations. To protect the 30mm fuse, fore and aft motion is limited by a rim guide throughout the cycle. Finally, no part of the gun, at any time (including the eject cycle), is allowed to touch the projectile fuse area.


Calibre 30rniM


Combat ADEN/DEFA/XM789/XM799

Practice XM788


Receiver. 63 lb.

Barrel 35 lb.

Recoil Adapter 12 lb.

Linked or Linkless Transfer Unit 8 lb.

Total Gun System Weight 118 lb.


Length 64.5 in.

Height 11.5 in.

Barrel Life to 20,000 rounds

Rate of Fire 750 rpm

Time to Rate 0.2 sec.

Time to Stop 0.1 sec.

Clearing Method Open Bolt

Effective Impulse (with muzzle brake). .. 45 lb. sec.

Dispersion 1 mil (1)

Power Required 6.5 hp

Reliability Predicted 100,000 MRBF

"includes gun. barrel, drive motor, integral feeder and internal recoil mechanism.

M230 30mm Chain Gun




mrnHSmmamm mmmmmmmmm

WSmm mmm


30mm XM230E1 Chain Gun

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