Hughes Xm175

Self-powered XM175 on Helicopter continues aft, extracting the spent case from the barrel. As the bolt reaches the full sear position, it overtravels until such time as the bolt buffer hits the backplate and the excess energy is dissipated. On rebound, the bolt engages the primary sear and drives the feed trip attached to the end of the sear forward 0.20 inches, which gives the feeder sear a signal to release the feed plate and load a new round. The teed plate, by means of the feed pawls, places a new cartridge in the bolt retaining ways, at the same time ejecting the empty previously fired case. During the action of feeding the new cartridge, the feed release moves with the feed plate and at the end of the feed cycle engages a camming surface machined into the feed trip, thus forcing the primary sear to rotate and unsear the bolt. This allowrs the bolt to be driven toward battery by the drive springs, and the cycle is repeated.

Test Results

In a year, over 100,000 rounds were fired during various tests and showed many outstanding features desired bv the armed services in their continuous j search for an automatic grenade launcher system that could fulfill all rigid requirements of the Army, Naw and Air Force.

Chapter 62

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