Mini Pod Suuaa Xme

The Mini-Pod was the first Minigun installation and started in production at General Electric in 1965.

It was first used in Southeast Asia on the AC-47 "Puff-thc-Magic-Dragon" which was the first of the

M60 Machine Gun

GAU-2B/A 7.62mm Aircraft Machine Gun - MXU-470 Module



Gun GAU-2B/A. 7.62mm NATO

Feed Linkless Ammunition Feed System

Drive 22vdc. Electric Drive

Firing Rate 3000 and 6(XK) spm other rates available

Ammunition Capacity 2000 rds

Weight (without Cradle and assemblies weighing 35 lbs.)

Empty 185 lbs.

Loading Self-contained power loading

(Hand power loading alternate)

Control Power 2&vdc, 15 Amps

Clearing Automatic after each burst

Boresight Adjustment +1V20 azimuth elevation

Dispersion 8 mils, 80% circle - Hard Mount

(Variable dispersion obtainable)

Recoil Forces:

Average at 6000 spm 300 lbs.

Peak at 6000 spm 600 lbs.

Mean Rounds to Failure 50,000 rds [estimated)

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